About and Contact

My name is Dani.
I am twenty three years old and based in Dublin, Ireland.

I am a fully qualified make up artist and an avid make up enthusiast.
My other passion is English which I am currently studying at college and also get to make use of on this blog.

My reviews are one hundred percent my own opinion and fully impartial. I have nothing to gain from lying to you about products I like or dislike. I just want to share my opinions with you!
I write bad reviews as well as good ones so you know what products to avoid as well as which to buy.

If you wish to know a little more, why not;

Subscribe to me on YouTube.
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Follow me on Twitter; @GlamourNazi
Or Instagram; @GlamourNazi

If you wish to contact me with a question or want me to review your product, feel free to drop me an email at makeupartistdani@hotmail.com.

Thank you for dropping by,

Dani xo


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