Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

Looking back, I may have lied in the past when I said Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan was the first tan I ever dabbled with. Back in my mid-teens, I had a brief affair with Dove’s Summer Glow. I was curious as to what I would look like with a slight tan and so stole it from my mother’s bedroom and slathered myself in it liberally. The result? The most biscuity tan smell one can imagine and my skin looking yellow and jaundiced with dark lines in any creases of my body. It was a disaster although I continued to use it any time I felt a little pale – every time with horrendous results! So when I heard Cocoa Brown were releasing their version of a gradual tanner, I was at once nervous -remembering that shocking yellow tinge – and excited – because I haven’t been disappointed by a Cocoa Brown product yet.

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

The directions are simple. Apply to skin daily and wash hands liberally after use. As a fake tan phobic, however, I used a tanning mitt. The mitt tends to absorb a lot of product though so I don’t know if I should recommend that. The first thing that hit me when I dispensed the product was that gorgeous Tahitian Gardenia scent that follows through the entire Cocoa Brown line. I adore it, despite not usually being a fan of overly floral scents – but hey, anything beats the biscuit odour, right?! The consistency reminded me of Cocoa Brown’s Chocolate Whip body moisturiser.

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Before After

The first photograph is my ‘before’ shot, the second is immediately after my first application. As you can see, it has a colour to it which is handy for seeing where you applied it to and where you missed. It also gives a nice glow straight away. The third photo is the following day after I applied it. The fourth is the third day after applying yet another layer.

My first impression was that I could not get over how incredibly soft, smooth and supple my legs felt after the initial application. I, honestly, applied this one time and could not stop touching my legs. Not to mention, the smell – it was divine and stuck with me for the duration of the day. I could definitely see a hint of tan straight away which was a gorgeous subtle glow. The next morning I applied another layer and was impressed with how evenly it applied and how it deepened the tan a little. The same happened on the third day when I applied it again. Obviously I was just experimenting to see how buildable the tan was – the answer is very! My legs ended up a delicious bronze although it is practically impossible to photograph a tan without it looking orange. I can assure you, as someone who doesn’t exactly love tan and is VERY fussy about it, there isn’t a hint of orange in this!

I could have kept applying it daily but I decided to stop and see how it wore. I was delighted to find that my legs kept the colour for about three days before I noticed any fading or lightening at all – and then, it was even and controlled. No patchiness here! I will admit that I’m not a stickler for exfoliating or moisturising either so this is not a high maintenance thing!

This could well be one of my favourite Cocoa Brown products as I know a single layer will instantly take the edge off my pinky-white skin and another day or two’s worth of application will leave me with a healthy, sun-kissed glow. For those who favour a darker tan, this might be good if you are consistent with application as it can definitely be built to a deeper colour. My favourite part is how easy application is – it is literally like slathering on your favourite moisturiser, you don’t need to worry about streaks or unevenness at all.  I absolutely cannot recommend this enough and will be stocking up on this for summer – let’s hope we get shorts weather!

The best BEST part is it retails for only €5.99. I’ll take ten.

What do you think? Are you a fan of gradual tanners? Let me tell you, after this you’ll be converted!


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