Ziaja SenSitive Firming Night Cream

Ziaja SenSitive Firming Night Cream
The final product in the SenSitive line by Ziaja is their Firming Night Cream. I am not usually one for day creams and night creams – usually I’d rather one moisturiser that will do me for both occasions but using the Ziaja day and night creams has really helped me establish the difference between the two.

Ziaja SenSitive Firming Night Cream

As with the day cream, the night cream comes in a squeezy tube which is always a plus in my books as you can get every last bit out with no waste. This has a dark blue tube in contrast to the day cream’s white one so they are also easy to distinguish on your dresser.

The first difference I noticed between the two was that the formula of this seemed a little slicker. Not oily, per se, but it just had a little more slip to it. On the skin, it took an extra minute or two to sink in, although definitely not anything that could be pertained as a negative. Afterwards, my skin did feel more moisturised and hydrated than it did with the day cream.

The Firming Night Cream claims to eliminate redness and soothe any burning sensations caused by having sensitive skin. As I don’t suffer from sensitive skin myself, I cannot comment on this but as the formula is free from silicones, mineral oils and perfumes as well as being made only from essential components, I would definitely recommend that sensitive skins give it a go. I feel no discomfort when using this on any areas of dry skin and it definitely is fragrance free.

As with all moisturising products, this is said to reduce roughness, dryness and excessive flaking and I find that when I apply it going to bed, I awaken with nourished skin that is not crying out for further moisturisation.

As the name would suggest, this ‘firming’ cream is also said to have anti-aging properties – reducing wrinkles and preventing premature skin aging as well as regenerating, firming and smoothing the skin. As a twenty four year old, I find it hard to comment on any anti-aging side effects (ask me in ten years) but every little helps, right?

Despite it being a very nourishing moisturiser designed for night time, it doesn’t feel heavy, thick or suffocating on the skin. In fact, I would use this at any time of the day and the only reason I use the Day Cream in the morning is because it sinks in faster and I am usually applying makeup straight on top of it. This did not clog my pores or cause any breakouts as heavy moisturisers often can.

In all, this is a great product and one I would definitely recommend. While I cannot say it has magically transformed my skin, this does the job of nourishing it perfectly and at €6.99, I definitely cannot complain. Another winner from the SenSitive line!

What do you think? Have you tried anything from the range yet? Are you a fan of the brand?


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