Roger & Gallet Savon Liquide Extra-pur

Roger & Gallet Savon Liquide Extra-pur
You may already know about my love for all things Roger & Gallet so when I heard that they were releasing a range of liquid hand soaps, I was absolutely dying to try them out. There aren’t many perfumes or scents that I could imagine translating well into a hand soap but my favourite R&G fragrance, Cedrat does just that.

I already reviewed the Fragrant Water and waxed lyrical about its gorgeous scent. The name Cedrat (or Citron, in English) never appealed to me as I wouldn’t usually go for citrus type scents but this is way more complex than that. It contains citron, grapefruit, mint and water fruit as its top notes and there is a very fresh and energising burst when it is first sniffed. I get the hint of lemon but it is not completely lemon-scented, if that makes sense. It dries down to a woody base of vetiver, cedar, musk and white amber. There is definitely something unisexy about this and it actually reminds me a little of an aftershave, over a traditional perfume.

From the very moment I first used the soap, I was impressed. The fragrance is exactly the same as the fragrant water. EXACTLY. Not watered down, or altered slightly which I love. The soap itself is unrelenting in quality too. It lathers well and washes off leaving my hands feeling clean. Afterwards, I can still smell Cedrat on my hands for a half hour or so.

It is formulated on a pure plant basis and contains nourishing shea butter for gentle cleansing. It is also free of sulfates and parabens. After use my hands definitely do not feel stripped or dry – as you may imagine might happen with a perfumed soap. They don’t feel very moisturised either though so I would recommend using a hand cream afterwards. (If they bring out a ‘Cedrat’ scented one, I’ll be sorted!)

The pump dispensing bottle holds 300ml of product and will set you back around €15. That may seem ludicrous for a hand soap but if it is luxury you are after, you need this. We have two bathrooms in our apartment and regardless of which one I use, I always wash my hands in the en suite where we have this soap. Despite my regular use, I am only halfway through the bottle which is lasting me a really long time.

In case you haven’t gathered, I absolutely adore this product and highly recommend it, particularly if you are already a fan of the Roger and Gallet line. The soap is also available in Bois d’Orange, Rose, Jean-Marie Farina, The Vert and Gingembre.

What do you think? Are you a fan of luxury hand soaps? Do you like the Roger & Gallet brand?


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