Ziaja SenSitive Creamy Wash Gel for Face and Body

Ziaja Creamy Wash Gel for Face and Body

I have been raving about the Ziaja SenSitive line for the past few weeks now so I was excited to try out this Creamy Wash Gel from the range. Straight off the bat, this photo doesn’t do it justice. This is a 400ml pump dispenser bottle. It is huge and will definitely last a long time! As with everything in the line, it contains no parabens, soaps, silicons, mineral oils or perfumes.

Ziaja SenSitive Creamy Wash Gel for Face and Body

The pump dispenses a generous dollop of milky gel but being me, I like to use several pumps to get a really good lather. I was really impressed with how well this lathered actually as I have tried several sensitive and/or soap-free shampoos and shower gels before that just won’t foam. I need a good lather to feel clean! The thing I found was missing was the scent. I know. I know. This is fragrance-free because it is designed for sensitive skin but the scent is the deciding factor when I’m buying a new shower gel! I like to smell clean and nice when I get out of the shower, not like nothing! Because of that, I wasn’t impressed with this as a shower gel.

However, Ziaja claim you can also use it on your face so I decided to use it with my Clarisonic. The fact that it is fragrance-free was actually nice when used as a face product. While I do like pleasantly-perfumed face products too, I feel better about using something unperfumed on the more delicate skin. While I wouldn’t bother trying to remove my makeup etc. with this, it did leave my skin feeling squeaky clean after use – using it along with the Clarisonic or used alone.

It left both my body and face feeling clean, without feeling stripped, tight or dry. However, I would still definitely recommend using a moisturiser afterwards.

To me, this felt almost like a product designed for those with severe skin conditions like psoriosis whose condition is worsened by drying perfumed products. I have ceased using it as a body product and reserve it to use on my face but I cannot see myself repurchasing it. I can’t fault it. It just isn’t really for me.

This giant 400ml bottle will set you back a mere €4.99 on originalbeauty.ie.

What do you think? Would you use an unscented shower gel? Have you tried any of the SenSitive line?


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