Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner

I had a bit of an eyeliner emergency in work the other day which led me to pick this up. An eyeliner emergency? you ask. I was sporting my Physician’s Formula Eye Booster which I still adore but my hay fever started acting up on the way to work and by the time I got there, I was missing half my eyeliner on both eyes. I still had the inner corner and the very outer portion of the flick but there was a hugely obvious gap in the middle. I hid in the stockroom until my lunch break and then hotfooted it to Boots. I love my Eye Booster – once I’m not looking for something waterproof – and when I am, my Inglot Gel Liner is practically indestructible so I wasn’t in the market for a new liner to change my life. I literally wanted something to tide me over for the day so I grabbed this offering from Collection as it was the cheapest one I saw.

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner

It is a pretty standard liquid liner. The applicator is pretty short (obviously, as the bottle is short) and it comes to a point. It is sturdy and doesn’t flex or bend but stays stationary instead. That, I believe, is where the issue lies. I find this SO DIFFICULT to use. I don’t want to toot my own horn here but I have been practicing gel and liquid liner for years and have become a bit of a pro but this will not let me showcase my abilities. Either the flick turns out wonky or it ends up with a crazy blob or dash which leads me to thicken my liner to Amy Winehouse proportions. What’s worse is the fact that it drags and skips a little on the skin – the photographs will demonstrate.

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner

This is a daily occurence! I have been wearing the liner quite often in the hopes that all it takes is a bit of practice but it is the applicator that is disabling me. The liner itself is quite black and the formula is nice enough – although sometimes it can streak, meaning you have to go back over it. On me, it doesn’t smudge, flake or dissolve throughout the day and lasts quite well. Interestingly, after my Boots excursion, a girl I work with caught me in the bathroom trying to fix my liner and said that she used this very liner before and it practically disappeared by evening. I had no problems whatsoever with it lasting! The applicator, on the other hand, means I will most definitely not be repurchasing this. Even for €4.79 when in a jam.

What do you think? Have you tried this liner? Ever had a similar issue?


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