Catrice Lash Couture Single Lashes

Catrice Lash Couture Individual Lashes

I mentioned recently that I received some Catrice products to try and these individual eyelashes immediately caught my attention. I’m usually more of a strip lash girl as it is far less time consuming but I haven’t tried any lashes at all from a bargain brand like this so I was dying to. False lashes are new to Catrice’s line up of products and alongside these individuals, they released a single type of strip lash designed to add volume.

Catrice Lash Couture Individual Lashes

The packaging informed me that the lashes came in three different lengths. I didn’t measure them but I found it hard to tell the difference. Even in the above photograph, they all look the same to me. I was also happy to discover that there was a glue included as I just ran out of my Duo Glue. I usually don’t think much of “included” glues but I had no choice in the matter and just had to use it. I guessed that the top line of lashes were the smaller ones, middle row were the medium length and the bottom row were the longest ones and applied them accordingly – with the smallest ones on the inner corner, working outwards towards the longest ones. I find it easiest to apply individual lashes using a tweezers, dipping the end into the glue and sort of, dropping it on to the top of my natural lashes. The tweezers I own is a little sharp and I worried about it misshaping or damaging the lashes but luckily, that didn’t happen. I went all out and applied all of the lashes in the box.

Catrice Lash Couture Individual Lashes

Here are some before and after shots.

Catrice Lash Couture Individual Lashes
And some more to show the finished result. Okay, my application is not perfect – I am totally out of practice. When I worked in Inglot, I use to apply these multiple times a day to customers – although it is far easier to do someone else’s! I was really happy with the finished result. They were long, flirty and full. I don’t go for natural-looking lashes as my own lashes are quite long and when I apply short falsies, it can make little difference.

I was also really impressed with the quality of the lashes. When I worked in Inglot, often their individual lashes would stick to the box itself or the tweezers and bend out of shape completely, rendering a lash or two per box completely unusable. This didn’t happen with the Catrice lashes. They held their shape really well and are obviously well made. The included glue surprised me too as they held up perfectly until the end of the night. I used a waterproof makeup remover to take them off and still found the glue a little difficult to dissolve. I ended up pulling most of them off. Catrice do say that the lashes are reusable (something I have never heard about any individual lashes before!) but I disposed of them. For the price, I wouldn’t be bothered trying to clean them to reuse them but it is nice to know you have that option.

One of my other favourite things about the lashes is the box that they come in. It is a sturdy plastic affair which I will actually keep and use to store strip lashes in future. And hey, the pretty damask pattern doesn’t hurt either.

All in all, I would go so far as to say I was completely blown away by this product. If somebody told me that these were from a prestigious lash brand and cost €25 a set; I would completely believe it and although I probably wouldn’t splash that amount on some eyelashes, I would think it worthwhile if you did want to. However, these are from Catrice and cost a mere €4.49. I will definitely be picking up some more of these and giving the strap lashes a go too. The quality is incredible and I highly recommend them for any fans of falsies!

*Note: These are the lashes I was wearing at the Cocoa Brown event.

What do you think? Do you wear individual lashes or are you a strip girl? Can you apply them yourself?


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