Rich Hair Care Pure Luxury Maximum Brilliance Protect & Shine

Rich Hair Care Pure Luxury Maximum Brilliance Protect & Shine
I am always waxing lyrical about Rich Hair Care and if you are sick of hearing it, click out now because I am here with another rave review. This product’s name is a bit of a mouthful but it breaks down to a simple heat protecting spray. It is designed to use before blowdrying, straightening or curling but as it is also a shine spray, sometimes I like to just use it as a finishing spray.

It has quite a hardcore spray which at first, scared me a little. I thought it might dispense too much product, leaving me with weighed down, greasy hair but that hasn’t happened yet. The smell of this is absolutely incredible – it is very fruity and that is one of the reasons I sometimes like to use this as a finishing spray. The fragrance lingers around for quite a while after spraying too and I like the idea of having pleasant smelling hair.

It contains natural plant and silk oils which add shine and reduce frizz as well as making this a heat, UV and colour protective. It creates a lightweight heat shield that locks-in moisture and I can attest to how soft and smooth my hair feels after use.

It is a little pricey at €16.90 but this is a higher end hair care product and in this case, you get what you pay for. It leaves hair silky, smooth, shiny, healthy and protected as well as smelling incredible. What else could you need?

What do you think? Do you use a heat protecting spray? Have you tried anything from Rich yet?


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