Ziaja SenSitive Enzyme Peeling

ziaja SenSitive Enzyme Peeling

When I first received this product to try from Ziaja, I was a little confused by the title; Enzyme Peeling what? Mask? Cream? SPRAY?! It is, in fact, pretty much a mask. The instructions are simple; apply to skin and rinse off after ten to fifteen minutes. This kind of threw me a little bit too. If this was an enzyme peeling mask, shouldn’t it…eh, peel?

The purpose of it sounds pretty impressive; it aims to gently peel and dissolve dead skin cells to enable the penetration of soothing active ingredients, leaving the skin smoother, softer and brighter.

ziaja SenSitive Enzyme Peeling
It squeezes out of the tube and appears as a cloudy gel. As I applied it to my face, I was quite surprised to find it goes on pretty much invisibly, leaving only a shine to the skin. I let it sit for fifteen minutes and again, was surprised to find that it didn’t harden or dry on to the skin. Instead it retained its slight tacky feeling which was only noticeable if I touched my face. My skin itself felt like it had nothing on it at all.

As with the rest of the SenSitive line, as the name suggests, this is designed for sensitive skins. However, I did use this once after a shower and felt my skin tingle just a little for a moment or two after application. It wasn’t anything worrying but it did make me wonder how people with very sensitive skin would react. Obviously it just penetrated a little deeper as my pores were open from my hot shower.

With products like this, it can be difficult to tell if it actually does what it says. Did it peel my dead skin off for real? All I can attest to is how bright and new my skin looked afterwards. The first time I used it I didn’t notice much of a difference but then again, it was late at night and I wasn’t paying too much attention. The next time, I did it in front of a mirror and was shocked by how bright and fresh my skin looked.

It contains antileukine 6 – a derivative from brown algae which repeats in all of the SenSitive line as well as provitamin B5. It is only recommended to use once or twice a week which does lead me to believe that it contains some powerful ingredients that dissolve the skin cells.

I may sound doubtful about this product but in reality, that isn’t the case at all. I was actually really impressed with it and love how my skin looks after use. I will definitely be keeping it up weekly. The best part is it retails for only €4.99.

What do you think? Have you tried any other products designed for enzyme peeling? Does this sound like your kind of thing?


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