Benefit Lollitint

Benefit Lollitint
 One of Benefit’s most infamous products has got to be their cheek and lip tints, in particular Benetint. So nobody’s mind was blown when the product was reincarnated for the fourth time (they previously released ChaCha Tint and Posie Tint). To be completely honest, I had a bad experience with a Benefit counter and lashings of Benetint which left me looking like Bosco when I was about seventeen and since then I have had a fear of these types of products so if this wasn’t gifted to me at a Benefit event, I would not have purchased it for myself. But as a blogger, I owe it to you to give it a go and let you know my thoughts.

Benefit Lollitint

Lollitint is described as a candy-orchid shade – the same as this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Radiant Orchid. I find it to be quite a mauve-toned pink which really stands out from any other blush OR lipstick colour that I own.

Benefit Lollitint

If you are familiar with Benefit’s range of tints, you will know the packaging – a nail varnish-alike bottle with a bristled applicator. I found the applicator easy enough to use when applying the product to my lips but it obviously is not ideal for blush. It is advised that you dab a few dots along your cheekbones or on the apples of your cheeks and tap with your finger to blend.

Benefit Lollitint
Lollitint is similar to Posie Tint in texture – more of a creamy gel than the more liquid Benetint. Because of that, I actually found it quite comfortable to wear on the lips. It can be applied sheer or built up to a gorgeous mauve. I really love purple-toned lip colours but this stays on the right side of pink to be suitable on so many different skin colours and individual tastes. It is recommended that you wear a gloss on top as it IS a tint rather than a gloss or lip cream but I found, even without, it stayed glossy on the lips and refrained from drying them out. After several hours of wear, my lips felt as if they were slightly dry although if I were to wear no product on them at all, they would feel the same way after a few hours so it was no big deal. As this is a tint, the wear time is really good too. I found it faded slightly as hours went by but evenly so a quick top up simply enhanced the colour.

Benefit Lollitint
Sadly, I didn’t have as positive an experience when it came to wearing it as a blush. All those years ago when the overzealous sales assistant rendered me afraid of cheek tints, it was because she applied it over my powder which then dissolved and left me with two rather obvious circles on my face that were foundation-free but tinted red. I know now (and hopefully she does too) that powder and liquids don’t mix so I kept the powder far away from the cheek tint! Over my foundation, I dabbed the Lollitint, as advised, but as I dabbed with my fingers to blend, my foundation wore away. It was the great foundation-erosion of 2008 all over again! I hoped it didn’t look too bad but later on, Boyfriend asked me if I had been punched as my face looked “all red”. That says it all, really. I tried it several more times but had the same result each time and had to do some hasty touch-up jobs.

Some people have questioned my methods of application but that is the way Benefit advise you to do it. Also, in my mind, using a brush would disturb my foundation even more than lightly tapping with my finger. I may try it in future but to be honest, I’m not too pushed. I am not a fan of products that I really have to work with – surely they should work all of their own accord. The only thing I could think of was that it is because I wear a fuller coverage foundation with a demi-matte finish. Obviously I am not going to switch up my foundation to suit a certain blush but if you wear something lighter and dewier, you may not experience the same issues as me.

In all, I love the colour as it is really unique and I did like it on the lips but at €34.50, it didn’t blow me away and that seems like an awful lot to pay for a lip tint.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the Benefit tints? Will you be trying this?


One thought on “Benefit Lollitint

  1. Oh dear! Dani, you’re a babe but that blush has ruined your cheek game! I get on well with Cha Cha, but don’t think I’ll even swatch this now.

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