Garnier Express 2-in-1 Eye Make Up Remover

Garnier Express 2-in-1 Eye Make Up Remover

I am forever proclaiming my love for my Inglot Gel Liner and how 100% waterproof it is, and my obsession has grown since I was reunited with it at Christmas. However, I did forget what a pain it is to remove! I usually forgo using an eye makeup remover at all, opting for face wipes to remove the bulk of my slap and then going in with a cleanser, micellar water etc. Usually that does the job sufficiently but not when I use Inglot’s liner!

So I popped into Boots the other week to pick up an eye makeup remover. I did no research. I simply wanted one that was relatively cheap and would do the job. I ended up with this one from Garnier, pretty much for no other reason than it was the first one I saw. Its claims did looking promising though – 1. Ultra efficient 2. Protects eyelashes 3. Removes all eye makeup even waterproof 4. No rubbing required 5. No greasy feel 6. Gentle on eyes. Everything you could want from an eye makeup remover, in my opinion. Unless they invent one that magically erases fine lines and crows’ feet!

So I whipped it out that evening and set to work removing my eye makeup with a bit of this on a cotton pad. It has no scent and is a clear colour which is always a relief when you’re putting something near your eyeball. It did that thing that most eye makeup removers do where they move the product while they remove it so you end up with the world’s worst/most hilarious panda eyes for several minutes. While it does look like water and promises not to have a greasy feel, there is a very slight oiliness to it which I actually don’t mind as that is what does the job of removing! However, as I rubbed and rubbed, my entire cotton pad went black (something I am pretty sure never happened before) so I got another and the black just continued to keep coming off as well as moving around my face. It actually went so far as to transfer MORE black on to my waterline. I, bravely, took a corner of the cotton pad and dragged it along my waterline to clean it but as I continued to try to remove my eye makeup, it migrated back there again. It got to the point that there was no end in sight so I gave up and used a micellar water to take off the rest of my makeup as well as the remnants of black around my eyes.

The next morning, I actually had the worst, greasiest black panda eyes of all time. Taylor Momsen would have been proud. This is the experience I have had every single day since I bought this product. I do feel that it removes every last atom of mascara and liner from my eyes – hence the pure amount of black coming off – but it is doing such a good job of removing that I feel like it is a never ending cycle of it simply spreading around my face! I wonder how long I would have to sit for and how many cotton pads I would have to go through until I was eventually clean. I do feel that it leaves an oily residue on my skin too which I have been using the micellar water to remove.

I will continue to use this until it is finished but I will definitely not be repurchasing. It only cost about three or four euro but it is definitely more trouble than it is worth!

What do you think? Do you use an eye makeup remover? Which is your favourite?


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