Rich Hair Care Pure Luxury Silk Oil Serum

Rich Hair Care Pure Luxury Silk Oil Serum

I always love receiving anything from Rich Hair Care to try. I haven’t used a single product of theirs that I haven’t loved. Despite not being the most well known brand, I like them for one simple reason; their products work.

Now usually I hate reviewing products like this. Before and after pictures rarely do any justice and often with a hair serum, results just aren’t astounding enough to really merit much to say about them. Let me reiterate my initial point; I love Rich Hair Care because their products work!

Rich Hair Care Pure Luxury Silk Oil Serum

I have quite a fear of hair serums and oils. I do suffer from greasy hair and despite having majorly dry ends, I always fear that adding oil is a recipe for disaster. Remember when I tried that Marie Reynolds hair oil candle and used too much?! There is also something about adding oil to dry hair that freaks me out. I just always assume something will go wrong.

You may know that I have hair extensions at the moment. They are real hair and despite having them in since early December, they are in great condition – however, the very ends of them have a tendency to look a little scraggly. This is to be expected, of course, they don’t receive any natural oils from my scalp and when I got them in, I was told to do some hair masks and deep conditioning on them to keep them looking well. I decided I would try out the serum on the ends of them to see if I noticed any improvement. While I didn’t think they were in bad condition to start with, I couldn’t believe the difference afterwards. It was like night and day. My hair was silky smooth and looked so healthy almost instantaneously. I literally could not stop looking at it in the mirror. It was as if I got brand new extensions.

After passing the dry hair test, I decided that I would give it a go on wet hair to see if it worked quite as well. Again, I was majorly impressed. Once I had dried my hair, all signs of split ends had disappeared and instead my hair was soft and healthy looking.

The bottle recommends using three to four pumps but my fear meant that on both wet and dry hair, I have only ever used two and find it more than enough to cover all of my extensions and some of my own hair too. It has a really pleasant scent although not the beautiful scent that their Argan Oil products have which I am utterly obsessed with. I also don’t find that it leaves a terrible greasy residue on your hands like other serums I’ve used in the past have.

It contains vegetable-based amino proteins which strengthen and nourish dry brittle areas and it also claims to reduce the friction created by brushing your hair meaning it is less prone to breakage. It promises to add shine and work as a heat protectant too.

I love this stuff as it instantly transforms your hair without weighing it down. You only need one use to see results and me, being as impatient as I am, adore this in a product. I definitely recommend! At €8.99 for 60ml, a little goes a long way so I think it is at a fair price too.

It is available on the Beauty Features website.

What do you think? Have you tried anything by Rich Hair Care? Are you a fan of serums?


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