The NUPO Diet: My Week Two Diary

Well, firstly I should start off by telling you that for reasons beyond my control, my diet was a complete fail this week and so I cannot give you the accurate results you want to know about NUPO but I also wanted to do this post because I didn’t want to leave it hanging open.

The week started well. I was determined and the first few days were positively easy. As I mentioned in my week one diary, after the initial few days, it was plain-sailing and just became routine. I barely thought about food. The real test came when I went along to a Benefit event in their gorgeous boutique last Saturday. An array of butter-cream and fondant covered cupcakes, scones with cream and jam and sweets were proffered to us but I resisted, having just a cranberry juice. The NUPO diet allows you to drink sugar-free juice to make up your fluid requirement for the day. I didn’t question whether the juice was sugar-free or not but I allowed myself the treat as it was better than scoffing a few cupcakes. Afterwards, myself and a few of the girls went to a nearby bar for a chat and I caved and bought myself one glass of wine. It was the one time I cheated throughout the entire diet and I made such a big deal out of it in my head that I knew I wasn’t likely to cheat again. Every other review of NUPO that I read revealed people having cheat nights and treating themselves to Chinese food at the weekend etc. I really didn’t think this one glass of wine was going to do much harm. Of course, having nothing solid in my system, it did go straight to my head and I felt a bit loopy afterwards. I definitely would not recommend drinking when on NUPO and I would definitely not do it again.

I got back on the wagon on Sunday but had a really upset stomach. I wasn’t throwing up but could keep absolutely no food inside me. I stuck to my NUPO for the day and ignored it. If anything, I told myself, it was probably helping me lose more weight.

Boyfriend was due home after his month in Florida at 5am on Monday morning and I had arranged to meet him at the airport. I set my alarm for 4am but awoke at 3:30 with chronic stomach cramps and offloaded the day’s food once more. My stomach began heaving and I ended up lying on the cool bathroom tiles, willing myself not to throw up. (I have the ultimate fear of vomit.) I went to collect him from the airport feeling nauseous and like I might need to make a mad dash for the closest loo at any time. We came home and slept for a few hours.

The next day I felt so uneasy and after over twenty four hours of an upset stomach, I decided I must have caught some kind of bug. The only thing that helps a stomach flu is starving it so I decided I couldn’t continue on with my NUPO for the day. Instead I had some dry toast.

That evening, Boyfriend rushed me to A&E when I got pins and needles and numbness down the left side of my body and was slurring my speech. I ended up staying in hospital until Thursday night. I was finally discharged when all of my tests (CT, MRI, lumbar puncture, bloods) came back clear but they couldn’t tell me for certain what had actually happened to me. Needless to say, living in hospital for three days meant that I couldn’t keep up the NUPO diet. I also felt like my health should come first and so I did eat normal food (how ‘normal’ is hospital food?) I found my appetite had greatly decreased though which I accredit to NUPO and I listened to my body, eating only until I was full.

Valentine’s Day was my first day out of hospital and so I treated myself by ordering Domino’s. It had been my plan through the entire diet to allow myself one treat day at the end and I thought Valentine’s was a good day to do it. However, since then I am back on the bandwagon and striving hard to eat healthy. I still have some NUPO meals left over so I plan on having them to replace some of my meals in the next week or so. I weighed myself yesterday morning and am 8 stone 2, the exact same as I was last week when I weighed myself. I’m glad I haven’t put on weight but really wonder how much I could have lost if I had stuck to NUPO the entire time. Something tells me my results would not have been the dramatic stone or so that I have seen others lose on it.

If you have steely determination and will power, I definitely recommend NUPO if you fancy dropping some weight fast for a specific event or to kickstart a diet. As I said before, this is not a sustainable method of weight loss and should not be used for more than three weeks at a time. For more information on the diet and how it works, check out my post about why I chose to try it.


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