Barry M Confetti Nail Effects

'CNP2 Liquorice'

‘CNP2 Liquorice’

I received this little gem in my hamper from Santa for Christmas and I was really excited about it. I had seen it online and in stores when the Confetti Collection launched and this particular shade, ‘Liquorice’ had been my favourite of the five available. It is made up of black and white strands of ‘confetti’ in a clear base.

My first issue when it came to using it was that I couldn’t decide what I wanted to layer it on top of. For some reason, the thought struck me to layer it over a black. Now in hindsight, this makes no sense as you obviously won’t be able to see the black confetti strands but I didn’t really think it through.

Barry M Confetti Nail Effects in 'Liquorice' over China Glaze 'Liquid Leather'

Barry M Confetti Nail Effects in ‘Liquorice’ over China Glaze ‘Liquid Leather’

I layered it over two coats of China Glaze‘s ‘Liquid Leather’. As you can see, this makes the confetti look really sparse and the end result is hardly exciting.

I then decided to switch it around and layer it over a white. Again, my reasoning for this is sorely lacking.

Barry M Confetti Nail Effects in 'Liquorice' over Sally Hansen 'Ivory Skull'

Barry M Confetti Nail Effects in ‘Liquorice’ over Sally Hansen ‘Ivory Skull’

I applied it over three coats of Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in ‘Ivory Skull’. The only thing this did was prove that there were more black strands in the bottle than white. At least I got a compliment from a colleague on this one; she pointed out that my nails looked like Mini Eggs.

I attempted to imagine this over a colour and for some reason, I just couldn’t. I loved how monochrome it was in the bottle and couldn’t decide what I could layer it over that would look nice. I even Googled swatches but wasn’t a fan of it with many of the colours I saw there. I decided that I would try it over a pale colour and if I didn’t like it, I would try it over a dark one and then publish my findings online, regardless of whether or not I was happy with it.

Barry M Confetti Nail Effects in 'Liquorice' over Illamasqua 'Loella'

Barry M Confetti Nail Effects in ‘Liquorice’ over Illamasqua ‘Loella’

The colour I chose was a bright pink by Illamasqua called ‘Loella’. To be honest, I forgot how bright it was and was imagining it more like Nicki Minaj for O.P.I.’s ‘Pink Friday’ but I digress, I love the way it turned out. I think it has a real graffiti-esque vibe to it with the colours and my pessimism was unfounded. I cannot wait to try it over other colours in future.

The polish itself is easy to apply and spreads fairly easily on the nail. It is easily built up or gaps are simply filled by dabbing with the brush rather than stroking as you normally would. The nails still dry really evenly with no obviously blobs. As far as texture, if you stroke your nails you can feel that they are not smooth but it is so very barely noticeable compared to any other top coats like this I have tried. Glitter top coats are far rougher and also, this is not half as difficult to remove, although it does take a half second longer than your average polish.

Overall, despite my initial reservations, I really like this and even have my eye on ‘Dollymix’, a blend of pink, white, yellow and blue confetti.
Also in the range are;
– Marshmallow; pink and white confetti
– Bubblegum; dark blue and white confetti
– Sour Apple; dark green and yellow confetti
At €5.99, these are really different and unusual and I cannot think of anything similar to them, even from higher end brands.

What do you think? Are you a fan of fun top coats? Or do you like to keep it simple? What would you layer it over?


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