The NUPO Diet: My Week One Diary

NUPO Diet Ireland
I blogged last week about my reasoning for wanting to try the NUPO diet and a little about how it works etc. but today I wanted to break down my first week on NUPO, how I felt and most importantly, how much weight I lost.

Day One:

I was working a one to ten shift so woke at 10am, deciding to have a breakfast shake first thing. I opted for a Latte Shake to replace my morning coffee and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. The formula of the shakes was quite thick so I was optimistic that they would make me feel fuller. I packed a soup and a bar for my lunch and break in work respectively.
Before leaving the house at twelve, I had a Blueberry Raspberry Shake which I figured would be one of my favourites. The water I used from the tap was not cold enough and it left for an unpleasant, room-temperature, flavourless experience. I blamed the water and downed it regardless.
By my lunch at three, I was positively starving and couldn’t wait for my Vegetable Soup. I mixed it in my shaker and placed it in the microwave, only to be told by a co-worker that the microwave was broken. There was no way I was going to drink cold soup so I put the shaker back in my bag and ate my Mint Chocolate Bar. They are thick and chewy and pretty hard going to eat – there is no way you will scoff this back – but I was glad of it, hoping it would satisfy my hunger. I attempted to fill up on water for the remainder of the day, having no other option. (Cold soup is NOT an option.)
I spent the day craving the oddest foods – things I rarely eat and don’t hold any special feeling towards. I wanted potato wedges and Tangy Cheese Doritos (despite that being my third favourite flavour!)
I didn’t get home until eleven o’clock and by then, I was absolutely starving once more. I looked at my array of shakes and soups and figured that they were never going to fill me. I heated up the Vegetable Soup from earlier on that day, added some salt to taste and dug in, regardless. I like to eat soup with spoons to make it feel like more of a meal. Despite the salt, I found the Vegetable Soup very bland.
I still felt hungry so went for the Spicy Thai Chicken Soup straight afterwards. While the flavour of it isn’t so bad, I did not like the way it left a foamy coating in my mouth and I felt quite sick.  I couldn’t finish the very last mouthful or so of it so threw it down the sink. Something I definitely did not see myself doing on this diet. I wondered if it was recommended not to drink two meals together but hadn’t yet got around to reading the literature so wasn’t quite sure.
Before bed at 1am, I made myself a Cocoa Shake, feeling pessimistic. I don’t like chocolate milkshakes, yogurts, ice cream, milk or hot chocolate – anything chocolate flavoured that is not chocolate itself. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the shake. It was really nice. I took a few sips before deciding to try it hot as a hot-chocolate-before-bed type thing. Again, I was really happy with how much I enjoyed it.

Day Two:

I awoke with an absolutely killer headache. I immediately wanted to blame the diet but then realised it was probably just my caffeine addiction. I drink at LEAST one coffee a day and often some Diet Coke or other drink containing caffeine and I am a full blown addict who will get horrible headaches without. I wanted to try the NUPO Diet drinking only water but coffee IS allowed so I had my morning Latte Shake for breakfast and then a cup of coffee with low fat milk. My headache immediately alleviated. I was working a twelve to nine shift that day and before leaving the house I crammed in a Blueberry Raspberry Shake at around 11am. On the bus, I felt quite nauseous after downing three drinks pretty much one after the other. For the first time in two days, I wasn’t craving food.
By lunch time, however, that had changed and I was ravenous once more. I brought a Strawberry Shake for work as I knew I had no way to heat soup. A coworker commented on how miserable I looked gulping it back and I explained about the diet. She sounded interested but also probably very happy that it was not her taking part in it. It’s funny how life works out because we actually earned an award in work and to celebrate the managers left an array of goodies in the canteen. Of course, the first thing I noticed were the packets of Tangy Cheese Doritos I had been craving the day before. It was almost like a premonition! I didn’t touch a single sweet.
By break time, I was starving once more and really craving something to chew. Luckily I had a Coconut Bar with me. I wasn’t a fan of the Mint Chocolate one the day before but really liked this one. I was also glad of having something resembling actual food.
As I walked to the bus stop after work, I inhaled the aromas of different restaurants and felt positively miserable. And hungry, always hungry. By the time I got home, I actually felt very lightheaded and dizzy. I worried I would pass out, especially considering I was home alone. I was so starving that I contemplated making myself some eggs for dinner – they would still be low calorie, I reasoned and I would eat them instead of my soups and shakes. I fought with myself for a while over this and decided to drink a Vegetable Soup to see if it satiated my hunger at all. As I did so, I read the literature I received with the NUPO Diet and learned all about their block system (Incorporating food with NUPO – I explain in more detail in my previous post) and the thing that stood out to me was the fact that it said it would make weight loss slower if I was to do that. The reason I was doing this was for some fast weight loss in two weeks which I would follow up with healthy eating and obviously a slower weight loss or maintenance – depending on my result. I was determined to stick with it despite my absolute misery and had a Cocoa Shake before bed.

 Day Three:

I awoke with a rumbling stomach but not the crazy, empty hungry feeling I had had for the previous two days. Because of my low point the night before, I decided to have a sneaky weigh-in. Everyone claims that you should not weigh yourself daily as your body fluctuates a lot – weekly is advised, regardless of diet – but I decided that if I saw a result on the scale, it would push me to continue on. However accurate or inaccurate, the scales told me I was 2 pounds down. Two down in two days. I reasoned with myself that if I were to lose a pound a day for the duration of NUPO, I would be an entire stone down by the end. That is some good motivation.
After my breakfast shake, I actually felt full. I was working from 8am to 5pm so didn’t have time for a second shake before work but I actually felt okay with that. By lunch time, I was hungry and looking forward to a shake which made me feel full afterwards. I had my bar for break which again satisfied me. Then I had a soup and two shakes before bed.
I cannot express to you the difference between the second and third days on NUPO. By the end of day two, I was contemplating quitting or at least, caving and eating some actual food but by day three it was satisfying me. When I spoke to the NUPO PR person before starting the diet, she did mention that the first two days were hard but it got easier by the third day. The second day was so hard that I couldn’t believe that it could get any better – I was that low – but I came out the other side anew and so glad that I had stayed strong.

 Day Four:

I actually had the day off and slept in late. I woke feeling a little headachey again so decided to have a coffee. I had my first shake at twelve and decided that the best way to disperse them, now that I could make my own schedule, was to have one every two hours which would see me up until ten pm that night. I felt like I did nothing but eat the entire day. I actually couldn’t believe it when I would check the time and see it was time for yet another shake or soup. I felt full and actually like I was stuffing myself. There wasn’t a moment of hunger the entire day.

Day Five:

I was only working 8am to 12pm so had a shake before work, a bar on the bus home and once I got in, I fell asleep for two hours. I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before. I should point out that on this diet I have never felt weak, tired, overemotional or any of those things associated with diets. I have felt perfectly healthy the entire time – apart from the brief slip the second day when I felt lightheaded but I think that was down to the gap between meals. When I woke up, I worked out my remaining shakes and again spaced them out every two hours. Again I was satisfied and felt I was almost overeating.

Day Six:

I was working a 12pm to 9pm shift in work and had a really stressful day. I had a lot of work to do and there was a lot of pressure on that had me working so hard right up until I left at the end of the day. I actually had both my shake and soup for my lunch which meant I skipped my break to concentrate on my work. I still didn’t start to feel hungry until I was on my way home. The weather was horrific – lashing rain and with Arctic winds – and I had such a desire to go home and curl up with some comfort food. After all of the stress of the day, I also really wanted to go home and neck an entire bottle of wine. It didn’t help that my coworker who I got the bus with was ordering takeaway as he sat next to me. Despite having these cravings (although nothing like the ones from the first and second day), I knew I would resist and I went home for my soup, shake and hot cocoa. I felt completely satisfied afterwards and all cravings had subsided.

Day Seven:

I had another day off work so did my eating every two hours routine. Again, it felt like a lot of food and the hours seemed to fly by with me constantly eating. Looking back on the week, I cannot believe how easy it has become, especially considering how difficult the first two days were.

What I have learned:

This is definitely a diet that takes planning. In the literature it states that you CAN eat two meals together if you prefer but I found this a little bit heavy – unless it was a shake and bar, which worked well together. For the entire week, I woke up in the morning and planned my meals for the day – what times I would eat them etc. There is nothing worse than realising you have to cram three meals in before bed. The literature states that you absolutely MUST eat your six portions a day and there are so few calories in the diet already that I would definitely recommend not undereating, even though it can feel like you are gorging yourself at times.
The diet also takes a lot of willpower. I always thought that I was a very determined person but I almost cracked on my second day. This is so much harder than I ever anticipated but once you get over that second day hurdle, it is so worth it. It is so easy at this stage that I am actually looking forward to my second week on it to see some real results with my weight.

What I lost:

So of course, what you really want to know is how much I weight I lost after a whole week. I wanted this to be as accurate as possible so before I started and after seven days, I weighed myself first thing in the morning before I had eaten or drank anything and both times, I was in the nude. (Every little helps, right?) Before I started I weighed in at 8 stone 6 and on the morning of the eighth day, I weighed 8 stone 2. I lost 4 pounds in that first week. To be honest, I was slightly disappointed as anyone else I read about seemed to have lost about seven their first week but of course, that is why you should never compare yourself to others. Four pounds brings me so much closer to eight stone and away from eight and a half stone and it honestly must be at least a year since I have seen that figure on the scales.

I am going into the second week feeling determined to be as good as I was the first week. I no longer have bad cravings, I’m rarely hungry and I feel that week two is definitely achievable. I will fill you in on that week’s diary next Sunday.


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