Scent Saturday: Nina Ricci Nina L’Eau

Nina Ricci Nina L'Eau
Today’s scent is another that I received as a sample for Christmas. I have really been enjoying trying all of these different fragrances that I probably never would have tried otherwise. Straight off the bat I can tell you that this perfume would not usually appeal to me because the bottle is shaped like an apple. Despite being a fan of DKNY’s Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, I normally don’t go in for very fruity smells and to be quite honest, I’m sick of perfumes that come in apple shaped bottles!

Nina Ricci Nina L'Eau
To be fair, the bottle IS stunning. The blush pink colour is beautiful and the silver topper looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. There is no denying the fact that it is a frickin’ apple though.

As expected the scent is quite a fruity one.
It opens with notes of apple (duh!), grapefruit, mandarin orange and neroli.
The heart is gardenia, cherry and “watery notes” – whatever that means.
It dries down to a base of musk.

The thing that struck me, or rather didn’t strike me, was the fact that this has to be one of the lightest perfumes I have ever smelled. I sprayed it and two seconds later, I couldn’t smell a thing. Even burying my face in my wrist barely helped, the scent is so light. I can still get a slight smell then but it is very mild. I have seen various perfume websites referring to it as a “subtle scent”.

The perfume itself is sweet, feminine and actually quite nice, despite my initial reservations. I usually go for something warmer and richer while this is airy and light but I could actually see myself wearing it, even if only for day time.

That is, if you could actually smell it. I could not bring myself to fork out for a perfume that has disappeared five minutes after you spray it. If I can only get a whiff when I press my nose to my wrist, how on earth is anyone else going to smell it? I don’t only wear perfumes for the benefit of others but I do like to smell nice. No, I just cannot justify a non-smelling perfume.

The price ranges between €34.50 and €59.50 depending on the size of the bottle you opt for but I advise you to save your sheckles.

 Perfume is a completely personal thing and I know different fragrances react differently on different skin so let me know if you had a different experience. Would you buy a “subtle” scent?


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