Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Collection

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
My favourite Florida purchase has to be this Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I opened it the day I got it and broke all the blogger rules by using it before I ever photographed it. I have literally worn nothing else since. I had seen various reviews of it before I went away and had it in mind that I would examine it in the flesh (so to speak) before deciding on whether or not to pick it up. It was Boyfriend (should I call him Fiance now, or does that sound pompous?!) who pointed to this in Sephora and said it looked really cool. Yes, really. Although, can you blame him? Look at that packaging! It looks like a gorgeous chocolate wrapper.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Inside the cardboard is this glorious tin casing shaped like actual chocolate. I never feel like it clicks tightly closed although I actually haven’t had any issues with it opening either. I think it may just be in my head.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Inside are sixteen eyeshadows – two that are double in size. Although I don’t really see a point of this and wish they had just added two other shadows instead, at least the two they chose to increase are a matte and shimmery highlight shade so will probably get the most use anyway! The names are written on a removable acetate sheet which I hate. I am bound to lose it! My one issue with this palette is that the names aren’t just printed underneath the shadows themselves. But I’m just being fussy. There is also a really decent sized mirror and no stupid pointless crappy brushes. Hurrah!

They carry the chocolate theme the whole way through with the outer box, the tin casing and the names of the shadows but it doesn’t stop there. The eyeshadows contain actual cocoa powder which gives the shadows a chocolatey scent too. Before you click out in disgust, let me tell you, I thought that idea was so gimmicky and I am not a fan of synthetic chocolate smells but these actually smell nice, like cocoa butter. The scent is only obvious when you open the palette and are applying them though, then it disappears. Although I haven’t asked anybody to sniff my eyelids to be sure.

Here are the colours, in order of how they appear from left to right;

'Gilded Ganache'

‘Gilded Ganache’

Gilded Ganache

This is a cool-toned dark brown with a gold sheen and some gold glitter. The pigmentation is great and the texture is buttery soft and smooth to apply.

'White Chocolate'

‘White Chocolate’

 White Chocolate

This is a yellow-toned creamy matte shade. It is about half a shade darker than my skin tone but still works great as a base or underneath the brow. I use this shade every day and love to buff it all over with a big blending brush before I put any other shadows on. I also find it can be used as a coloured powder if you have a blemish or something stubborn that won’t be covered.

'Milk Chocolate'

‘Milk Chocolate’

Milk Chocolate

This is a warm, light taupe-brown. This is a perfect crease colour or for blending out the edges of other shadows while adding a little warmth. The first time I applied it as a wash all over the lid was for the sake of these swatch photos – although I have been using it all the time for other things – and I loved how it looked. It is a gorgeous, wearable, every day shade worn alone.

'Black Forest Truffle'

‘Black Forest Truffle’

Black Forest Truffle

This is the most stunning burgundy-brown packed with gold and red glitter. You know I’m a sucker for red tones but look at how gorgeous this is! The consistency is a little chunky but I didn’t notice any fall out when I wore it. This is definitely one of my favourites in the palette and for the record, the photograph in the centre was taken with no flash!

'Triple Fudge'

‘Triple Fudge’

Triple Fudge

This is an intense really dark matte brown. This is the darkest matte shade in the palette as there is no black but I think this is perfect for darkening up any eye look. I found that when applying it all over, it can be slightly patchy but layering a little more on top definitely rectified this.

'Salted Caramel'

‘Salted Caramel’

Salted Caramel

This is a matte warm-toned light burnt orange. Despite owning quite a few matte orange shades, I don’t have any similar to this; it is a very unusual tone. This is another that is absolutely great for crease work or warming up any other shadows. I usually hate the colour orange but I am a huge fan of this. It was absolutely made for blue eyes.




This is a stunning pearlescent light peach. I find that when you first apply it, it goes on quite sheer but it can be built up easily, as seen in the photos. This is a gorgeous one for the lid and I can see this being a favourite for many.




This is a warm, medium matte brown. This is another staple shade, perfect for crease work but still lovely worn alone. I loved the warmth in this shade which definitely makes it stand out from the other million browns in my collection!

'Strawberry Bon Bon'

‘Strawberry Bon Bon’

Strawberry Bon Bon

This is a matte pastel baby pink. In my opinion, this one was a bit of a curveball. Amongst all the neutrals, this sticks out like a sore thumb. The pigmentation is also really poor and it took some serious building up for these photographs so that you could actually see it. I attempted to use it to warm up the crease in a look I did but it was pretty much invisible.

'Candied Violet'

‘Candied Violet’

Candied Violet

This is a medium purple with chunky blue, purple and silver glitter. If ‘Strawberry Bon Bon’ was a curveball, I don’t know what they were thinking with this. It really stands out in the palette and to be honest, the only thing it really goes with IS ‘Strawberry Bon Bon’. I wouldn’t be as disgusted if the pigmentation of this wasn’t so poor. It goes on practically sheer with just lumps of chunky glitter visible. It took some serious work to take these photographs and even then you can see how patchy it is in the right photograph. It is such a bad quality shade that I wouldn’t even be bothered trying to use it. I’m only thankful that the worst shade in the palette is the one I would use least anyway!




This is a stunning pearlescent red-toned brown. Ah, just look at it! I am totally biased as this is the type of shade I always go for but it is just so beautiful and great for making green eyes pop. The pigmentation is great and it is just such a wearable one, although maybe it is a little Autumn/Winter.




This is a warm medium brown with a gold sheen. This is not an unusual or unique colour. I own it in many incarnations by different brands but it is a nice colour and a very wearable one at that. A useful addition to the palette.

'Creme Brulee'

‘Creme Brulee’

Creme Brulee

This is a pale true gold with probably the least fitting name in makeup history. I have a few shades called Brule and Creme Brulee from different brands and they are all cream colours so I have no idea why they labelled a gold that. I digress, this is a gorgeous colour which has good pigmentation but is not a very strong colour, making it very wearable. Often I shy away from golds because of my pale skin tone but this doesn’t look yellow or obnoxious at all.

'Haute Chocolate'

‘Haute Chocolate’

Haute Chocolate

This is another medium brown with a gold sheen, although a few shades darker and less warm than ‘Hazelnut’. Again, it is wearable and works great with the other shades in the palette but it just doesn’t wow me. That is just personal preference though as the pigmentation, texture etc. are great.

'Cherry Cordial'

‘Cherry Cordial’

Cherry Cordial

This is a matte burgundy with some miniscule glitter particles throughout. You know what I’m going to say, I love this shade. It being relatively matte makes it great for using in the crease or to darken other looks and the warmth of the colour adds a little extra something too.

'Champagne Truffle'

‘Champagne Truffle’

Champagne Truffle

This is a very light, pearlescent, pinkish-white. This is another of the double-sized shadows and I’m glad too because I love it. It looks lovely on the lid with darker colours in the crease; it works as a gorgeous bright inner corner highlight and I’ve even used it under my brows if I’m going for something a little stronger. Beware, it is very pigmented and bright so use a light hand if using it as a highlight but otherwise, it is stunning.

All in all, I really love the shade range in this palette. There is a great range of finishes and in my opinion, everything you need in a palette – a matte base, a matte taupe for the crease and a dark matte brown to intensify looks. Some may argue that you need a matte black but I think ‘Triple Fudge’ is dark enough to do the job. The matte browns could also double as eyebrow shades if you were bringing this travelling and wanted everything in one place. Unlike the Naked palettes which cater to individual tones – Naked is warm toned, Naked 2 is cool toned and Naked 3 is rosy/pink toned, this is a great mix of all three. It has got oranges for blues eyes, reds for green and eyes and everything works on brown eyes. The only disappointment really was the purple but with fifteen other great shades, you can’t complain.

The only thing I noticed was that the colours muddled together a little if I applied them straight over foundation. Even just a little powder on the lids acts as a great base to keep them all in place and looking defined so it’s no big deal, just worth noting.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Also included is this inspiration leaflet with three looks and detailed information on the back of how to create them all. If you still aren’t converted, my Friday Face this week will be showing you FIVE different looks using this palette so you get an idea of its versatility. You can have a sneak peek at those looks on my Instagram.

I am in love with this palette and would highly recommend it but here’s the thing, it is available in Debenhams for €63 – although at the moment there is 12% off, making it a little over €55. I bought mine in Florida for $49, the equivalent of €36 meaning we are getting completely screwed over price-wise. I recommend shopping around online to see if you can get it any cheaper as it is totally worth it!

This is my first ever Too Faced product and it has definitely opened my eyes to the brand. I will no doubt be trying more from them in future!

What do you think? Like the look of this palette? Or have you had enough neutrals to do you until you die?


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