Benefit Erase Paste

Benefit Erase Paste

This was another item I received in my prize pack in work and I was delighted as I have heard quite a bit about it. I think it is one of Benefit’s more popular products. I also think it is one of their older products as usually they go for cuter packaging now and fewer demo photographs on the actual box!

Benefit Erase Paste
The tub itself is a cute pink and purple plastic pot. Handy for chucking in your bag without fear of destruction and with a secure screw-top lid so you needn’t worry about concealing your wallet, phone or anything else you’re carrying with you.

Benefit Erase Paste
As I won this as a prize, I obviously didn’t get to choose the shade so I received ’02 Medium’ from their three colour lineup.

Benefit Erase Paste
What really surprised me was the consistency of it. I’m not sure if you can tell from the photograph but it is the creamiest product I have ever tried in my life. My finger practically melted straight into the centre of the pot. It is just so smooth and slick.

Benefit Erase Paste

And here is a before and after. As you can see it has a brightening effect as well as cancelling out the blueness in my inner corner. It blends in so seamlessly that for some reason, it looks as if it actually colour matches me.

Benefit Erase Paste
Although as you can see on my lovely face pimples, the colour is far more apparent. It does a good job of covering them though! I am usually a concealer AFTER foundation kind of girl but because the colour is all wrong for me, I don’t have the option with this. My lighter coloured foundation does apply well over this though, with no obvious dark patches underneath. Because it is so creamy in consistency, I also think it may have a bit of a hard time blending over the demi-matte finish of my Revlon Colorstay so be weary about which foundations you use it over. Also the consistency lends itself to creasing underneath the eyes really easily so you will definitely want to set it with some powder to stop it slipping around.

All in all, I do like this – it has great coverage and I like its subtle brightening effect underneath my eyes although I do wish I had it in my proper colour – I would definitely get more use out of it then. At €27.50, I will definitely not be repurchasing purely because that is an extortionate price for a concealer that nobody should pay unless it is some kind of permanent one that will remove undereye circles forever! I will be sticking with my Collection Lasting Perfection one for €6.49, thank you very much. Realistically they are equally as good although I actually prefer the wand on Collection’s offering.

What say you? Have you tried this? And more importantly, would you spend that much on a concealer?!


2 thoughts on “Benefit Erase Paste

  1. I like this too, it is as you say, really creamy but for me it’s just a bit too shiny. I tend not to need powder anywhere else but where I’m concealing only when I use this, which is a bit annoying. I did have a bruise on my leg during the Summer and I needed to cover it last minute for a wedding and this stuff worked seriously well though!!

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