Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color

Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color
Last week, Wet n Wild finally came to Ireland and is now being sold in bigger Dunnes Stores. I was straight in there on my lunch break and buying a heap of things to try. It might take me a while to get more reviews up as I bought on of their Megalast Lip Colors and fell in love so I’ll be buying more colours and I’d rather wait and review a few shades than just one. But I can safely say that I will not be purchasing any more of these Liquid Lip Colors, hence my review now.

I figured this would be much in the same vain as my Rimmel Apocalips and I chose the shade ‘Back to the Fuschia’ – a gorgeous hot pink that is so very me.

Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color

It comes in a lipgloss-alike tube with a doe-foot applicator. It appears to have one of those wells in it like the Apocalips boast to hold product, meaning less dipping into the tube.

As I applied it to my lips, it felt really creamy and it looked really, super glossy. I was instantly impressed. After I was done taking a few photos of it, I rubbed my lips together and noticed that they sort of stuck together. Of course, when something like that happens, you do it again…and again. It was literally difficult to separate my lips – I have never felt tackiness like that. I thought it was quite strange. Then, the lip colour began to dry to a matte finish – something I wasn’t expecting. My lips began to feel really tight and uncomfortable. Within five minutes, they felt like every last drop of my moisture had been sucked out of them. These were desert lips. I tried to ignore it but I couldn’t. I had never felt such discomfort from a lip product and knew my lips would be ravaged when I removed it. I couldn’t bear it and for the first time in my entire makeup life, I had to take it off as I just couldn’t go on wearing it. Interestingly, as I ran a makeup wipe over my lips – it seemed to flake off like dried paint as opposed to simply wipe off. Very strange altogether.

'923A Back to the Fuschia'

‘923A Back to the Fuschia’

I think the photographs show just how dry and matte the product is. It shows up every fine line in my lips, making them look and feel awful.

I have never had an experience where I had to remove a lip product after wearing it for less than half an hour so needless to say I do not recommend. With the nature of the product though, I’d imagine you get incredible wear time out of this. Although you will probably have no lips left at the end! I don’t think even the world’s most nourished lips could handle this. Just avoid this product like the plague. It is such a shame as the product is a really pretty colour. At €4.69, they are also some of the most expensive products by the brand too.

What do you think? Have you ever tried a matte product like this? Would you?


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