NYC Expert Last Nail Polish

NYC Expert Last Nail Polish

The NYC Expert Last Nail Polishes are amongst my favourite from any brand so it is slightly strange that I only own four. This is definitely a situation that needs to be rectified. Immediately. Definitely when I get home from Florida anyway. Yes, I’m still there as you read this. Don’t be jealous 🙂

So let’s take a look at the four colours I own anyway!

'109 Permanent Pink'

‘109 Permanent Pink’

Permanent Pink

This was one of the first colours I picked up from the brand and I love it. I do have a thing for hot pink and this does not disappoint. It is a girly, Barbie fuschia and a great fun summer colour. I will definitely be breaking this back out when the weather takes up.

'155 Gramercy Glitz'

‘155 Gramercy Glitz’

Gramercy Glitz

This is a glitter top coat made up of silver and blue particles. It adds an almost blue duochrome effect to any polish you layer it over and it is absolutely gorgeous. The photographs show two coats although obviously it is better over another polish!

NYC Expert Last Nail Polish - 109 Permanent Pink 155 Gramercy Glitz

Here are those two worn together with one coat of Gramercy Glitz over two coats of Permanent Pink. I call these my cupcake nails and I absolutely adore the combination.

'205 Boundless Berry'

‘205 Boundless Berry’

Boundless Berry

This is a stunning berry purple colour and I am obsessed with it. I bought this coming into Autumn and it is such a seasonal one. Just look at it there, all moody and intense. I definitely need more colours like this in my collection.

'253 Mint Macaroon'

‘253 Mint Macaroon’

Mint Macaroon

As the name suggests, this is a beautiful mint green polish. Despite its pastel nature, it is perfectly opaque in two coats and one that garners a lot of compliments. I am obsessed with shades like this.

NYC Expert Last Nail Polish

The brush on these is pretty standard with black bristles and I find it easy enough to use. Although the shape of the lid is rather odd, I don’t find that an impairment either. Any faults in photographs are purely from my own lack of skill!

These polishes are opaque in two coats and all have a very glossy finish. They claim they will last for seven days but I only made it two or three before getting some tipwear. I am, however, really hard on my nails and so this is average for me. At €1.99 a piece, there will definitely be more of these added to my collection soon enough.

What do you think? Are you a fan of NYC polishes? What is your favourite shade?


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