Ciate Paint Pots – Collection and Review

Ciate Paint Pots

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me painstakingly swatch a polish a day from my Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar. I touched upon whether or not I thought the calendar was a worthwhile purchase in this post but today I just wanted to share with you all of the polishes I own from the brand. All of the ones I have are from the calendar so if you bought it too, you may as well click out. However, if you’re new to the world of Ciate polishes, this may be of some interest to you as – unless noted – they are all available to buy on their own.

I must point out that as you read this, I am currently on a flight to Florida for a week long trip! Eek! So it will take me a while to reply to comments etc.

Grab a coffee and sit back, this is going to be a long one.

By finish and in alphabetical order;


'Amazing Gracie'

‘Amazing Gracie’

Amazing Gracie

This is a milky nude shade with a creme finish. One coat is just a healthy sheen but the photographs show three coats and just how milky the polish becomes. I liked that it made my nails look quite chic and glamourous but the unevenness and streaking is very apparent from these photographs. The colour also showed up every little imperfection on my nail and I would imagine that regardless of how many coats you apply, there will always be a visible nail line.




This is described as a sassy flirtatious red with a creme finish. It is very much a true red, leaning neither pink, orange nor blue. To me, it is a very classic Hollywood glam red and I found that my nails kept catching my attention because they looked so good. The photographs show two coats.




This is a burnt orange or terracotta shade with a creme finish although Ciate refer to it as a muted orange. I think this is a truly unique colour as I don’t recall ever even seeing a similar colour to this by another brand. However, I also found it quite dull on the nails and am just not a fan of the colour in general. This is definitely a love it or hate it shade.

'Ferris Wheel'

‘Ferris Wheel’

Ferris Wheel

This is a washed out, pastel blue with a creme finish. It took three thick coats for these photographs and you can still see some unevenness and streaking. I know that some people will adore this colour but it is just a little too wishy-washy for my tastes. I wore this the day after wearing ‘Pepperminty’ and Boyfriend claimed this looks like ‘Pepperminty’ was just fading off.




This is a red-toned orange with a creme finish. I will come right out and say it; I hate the colour orange but I do know others who adore it so don’t listen to me. The photographs show two coats and it is fully opaque but, regardless of my stance on the colour itself, this is quite dull and muted on the nails. Oranges, to me, should be bright and pop off the nails and this just doesn’t.

'Kiss Chase'

‘Kiss Chase’

Kiss Chase

This is a gorgeous flamingo pink colour with a creme finish. I absolutely adore it and although it is bright, it is not neon or garish making it totally wearable. It did take three coats to get this finish which I don’t mind but the Ciate website specifically says that this has one coat coverage! Go home, Ciate, you’re drunk.




This is a pastel, green-leaning turquoise and my absolute favourite of the lot. It took three coats to achieve this opacity but my God, is it worth it?! I could not stop looking at my nails when I had this on. I have quite a lot of turquoise shades in my collection but none as eye-catching as this. Absolutely stunning.

'Pillow Fight'

‘Pillow Fight’

Pillow Fight

This is a grey-lilac with a creme finish. Interestingly enough, the Ciate website call this a grey with a hint of lilac but I would definitely say it is the other way around. This took three coats for the photographs but always looked quite dull on the nails. Not my favourite.

'Play Date'

‘Play Date’

Play Date

This is a bright pinky-red with a creme finish. I love this shade and although red like ‘Boudoir’, the two are very different. This positively pops off the nails and is a real bright summer colour. It took two coats to become fully opaque.

'Sugar Plum'

‘Sugar Plum’

Sugar Plum

This is a muted, pastel lilac with a creme finish. This is such a pretty, girly shade – I absolutely adore it. It took three coats to become fully opaque and it is a little tricky to work with – you have to ensure a coat is fully dry before applying the next to prevent streaking. But oh, isn’t it worth the work?





This is a holographic silver glitter. What else is there to say? It is absolutely stunning! I put three coats on here to ensure there was lots of glitter on the nails and it looks absolutely incredible when the light hits it. This is definitely another of my favourites. What’s not to like?!

'Party Shoes'

‘Party Shoes’

Party Shoes

This is a pink, yellow and gold glitter in a clear base, however it changes colour as the light hits it, sometimes turning blue. The photographs show only one coat but I think it could definitely do with being built up for a better effect. I applied it over ‘Ferris Wheel’ but I think it would definitely benefit from being trialled over a few different colours to see which brings it out best.




This is a bright pink glitter in a clear base. This was the bonus full size shade exclusive to the advent calender. It is a stunning colour and I love the effect of it over a black.


'Snow Globe'

‘Snow Globe’

Snow Globe

This is a holographic flakey in a clear base. Obviously it could do with a colour underneath it but I wasn’t really aware of its finish and painted it straight on to bare nails. The photographs show three coats so it will obviously never be fully opaque. It can take a little dabbing to get the flakes dispersed evenly but it isn’t too difficult to work with. However, some of the pieces do lift slightly on the nail resulting in them flaking off early. In some lights, it appears green, in others blue, in some pink – this is really a multidimensional shade and I definitely think it is worth the trouble.


'Fit For a Queen'

‘Fit For a Queen’

Fit For a Queen

This is a metallic, chrome silver that is fully opaque in two coats. This is quite an unusual one, unlike any others I own and the foil finish is very different. The brush tends to create tiny little lines in the polish but it only adds to the brushed metal effect. However, that is also the reason that this polish shows up every tiny flaw and imperfection on your nails.

'Ivory Queen'

‘Ivory Queen’

Ivory Queen

This is a gorgeous pale nude with a gold shimmer running through it to liven it up. It is the perfect nude for my pale skin and gives me mannequin hands in the chicest way imaginable. I think this shade is stunning if I want to feel a little elegant.

'Members Only'

‘Members Only’

Members Only

This is a beige nude with shimmer. Although similar to ‘Ivory Queen’, they are quite different. ‘Members Only’ is a touch darker – being more of a true nude and the shimmer in this does not lean gold like in ‘Ivory Queen’. It is still a gorgeous colour but of the two, I’d opt for the former.





This is a silver sequin glitter in a clear base. It is quite unusual looking in the bottle but I didn’t actually expect it to be a topcoat. It is full of different sized sequins and glitter. When I realised my mistake, I tried to build it up to full opacity with three coats and it almost made it there but not quite. Because the pieces are so big, I would probably just wear it over a silver polish, like ‘Fit For a Queen’ to keep the theme running. It did take a bit of dabbing to get the particles where I wanted them – but then again, I was trying to cover the entire nail – it may be easier to just use as a top coat.





This is Ciate’s base coat. It leaves a slight sheen on your nails, making them appear healthy and nourished. It is said to contain lotus flower to strengthen the nails, although honestly I haven’t used it often enough to see a difference.

'Speed Coat'

‘Speed Coat’

Speed Coat

This is Ciate’s top coat. I found it evened out imperfections on my nail and added a high-shine, glossy finish. It also dried really quickly and I can attest to the fact that it offered a little more wear time to the polishes. It is also formaldehyde free.


Christmas Tree Caviar

Christmas Tree Caviar

Christmas Tree Caviar

This is made up of silver, green and red beads. I pressed them on to wet polish to stick them on. Although the effect is quite nice and unique, they don’t last any amount of time on the nail and the beads themselves are so springy that they bounce everywhere and really make a mess when you’re working with them. This exact shade of caviar was exclusive to my advent calendar but there are many different colour combinations still available on the website.

'Frost Yourself' Caviar

‘Frost Yourself’ Caviar

Frost Yourself Caviar

This is made up of silver, light blue and dark blue beads. To make this last longer, I decided to add a top coat but as you may be able to tell from the first and last photos, this caused the colours of the beads to all run together. I only did it on one hand (the other is visible in the centre photo) but the difference in wear time was quite substantial with the addition of the top coat – if only you could wear one without it smearing! This exact shade of caviar was exclusive to the calendar.


'Jingle Belle' Glitter

‘Jingle Belle’ Glitter

Jingle Belle Glitter

Included in my advent calendar was this loose glitter, made up of green and pink holographic particles that reflected different colours as the light hit. I applied it straight on top of wet polish and used ‘Speed Coat’ to seal it in. I actually got a decent wear time with the addition of the top coat. This was exclusive to the calendar but Ciate release so many top coats and nail effects that I’d imagine they may release something like this in future.

'Miss Mistletoe' Sequins

‘Miss Mistletoe’ Sequins

Miss Mistletoe Sequins

In my advent calendar, I also received these gold, pink and red sequins. I pressed them on top of wet polish to adhere them. I did find that they lifted very easily though and didn’t last the day. These aren’t available from Ciate but they do so many type of nail art things, that I wouldn’t be surprised if they released something similar in the future.

In all, I find Ciate’s polishes to be hit and miss. While many are advertised as single coaters – I’m not a huge fan of sheer polishes and like to build them up as much as possible for full opacity. The lighter, pastel shades were quite difficult to get opaque while some of the brighter, louder ones only took two coats.

As with all glitters, Ciate’s were quite difficult to remove and scratched the nail bed a little but that didn’t bother me as it is the same with every other brand I have tried.

Caviar beads are what made Ciate’s name and I always liked the look of them but after trying them out for myself, I wouldn’t bother with them in future. They are a lot of work, make a lot of mess and don’t offer any wear time!

The wear time on Ciate’s polishes is quite average – definitely not noteworthy. Which brings me to my final point, the price. Ciate’s nail polishes cost a whopping €11.95 each. While some of the colours are gorgeous, I just could not justify the price point. They do not feel luxurious – nor does the quality blow me out of the water. Even most of the shades are easily dupe-able! While some other colours on the website have caught my eye, I would definitely wait for a sale or another offer to pick some more of these up as I think the cost is astronomical.

There is an Irish Ciate website which you can view here and order online from. However, they don’t stock even half the shades that the UK Ciate website (viewable here) do. It is also worth noting that there are quite a few polishes on sale for £4 on the UK site that don’t appear to be on offer on the Irish one. The Irish site doesn’t even have a stockist list so I’m not sure where, bar the website, you can buy these. Bizarre stuff altogether.

So what do you think? Have you tried anything from the brand? Do any shades in particular catch your eye? And most importantly, do you think they are deserving of their price point?


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