Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss

'024 Gold Dust'

‘024 Gold Dust’

I went through a phase of absolutely loving a nude lip, mainly because I was always going pretty heavy on the eyes when I first started in makeup. I don’t exactly remember when I picked this lip gloss up but I remember it being a very spur-of-the-moment impulse buy when I treated myself to the nude lip gloss. No swatching, no research, I just picked it up and headed for the till. And I hated it.

I didn’t know at the time but what I was looking for was either a nude cream or even a peachy sheen. The colour I picked up – ‘Gold Dust’ – is pretty sheer but with a smattering of gold flecks (as the name suggests). I cursed myself for wasting my money and this was lost at the back of my makeup drawer. Oh yes, back in the day there was only the one drawer. Singular.

'024 Gold Dust'

‘024 Gold Dust’

As you can see here, it is very sheer, leaving only a sparkle on the lips which can look very flattering like a healthy sheen. However, it also shows up every little bit of dry skin and imperfection on bare lips so be warned.

To this day, I will admit that this is never a colour I would wear alone. I have a very uneven lip shape that needs correcting so even if I rock a nude gloss, I’ll go heavy with the nude lipliner underneath to balance it out. However, that just doesn’t work with this shade. I cannot find a nude enough liner to work underneath it. They all end up looking too brown.

Yet fret not, you may be surprised to hear that over the past few months, I have worn this lip gloss quite regularly. The trick is to wear it over a nude lipstick. Nude lipsticks rarely look good in matte formulas – giving that dreaded foundation lips look or just generally, making you look like a corpse. However, stick this on top and you’ve got your nude lip with added sheen. This is gorgeous over practically any nude lipstick I have tried it with. I adore this gloss!

This belongs to the ColorBurst family of products from Revlon – alongside the Lip Butters – which, as the name suggests, focuses on offering an array of colours. Of course, the shade I chose is not a good example of colour but there are many more in the range to choose from – a few that have already caught my eye. There are seventeen colours on the Boots website, although this isn’t one of them.

I like the sleek packaging with the plain black lid. It is functional, easy to throw in your bag and not fussy. The tube is quite a long one and it is clear so you can see the colour inside and how much product you have left.

Revlon ColorBurst LipGloss

The wand itself is very long which is good as it means it will reach more or less to the end of the tube. It has a doe-foot applicator as well which is quite long and narrow in shape but easy to use all the same.

The formula of the gloss is quite a thick one which I tend to go for as usually it means longer wear time. It isn’t particularly sticky or gloopy but you can definitely feel it sitting on the lips. I do find it lasts quite a while and is comfortable on the lips, never drying. It contains moisturisers and antioxidants like sweet almond oil and vitamin E yet I would never say that this actively hydrates my lips.

I do enjoy the formula of this lip gloss and as I mentioned, I found a way to rock the colour but the one thing that would keep me from repurchasing more shades is the price. A tube will set you back €11.20. While I would have no problem shelling that out for a lipstick, to me it seems steep for a gloss. Some of my favourite glosses of all time are NYC’s Liquid Lipshines which cost a meagre €1.79 a piece so it just seems a little extortionate.

What do you think? Are you a fan of lip gloss? And how much would you spend on one?


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