Soap & Glory Hand Maid

Soap & Glory Hand Maid

As a frequent traveller on Dublin Bus, antibacterial handwash is very much a big deal for me. I have been known to be a bit of a germaphobe but some things that you see on board, would make anyone feel unclean. I usually pick up those cheap hand gels in Penneys as they are just 99% alcohol anyway and I’m not fussed once I’m clean and germ-free! However, when I spotted this bottle from Soap & Glory in Boots for €3.49, I decided to treat myself. While Soap & Glory is undoubtedly a cult favourite, I haven’t really delved into the brand all that much and that was part of the reason for picking this up.

It is the same size as the Penneys version if you are familiar with that – 50ml which seems tiny in the bottle but a little goes a long way with these and I find they last me for months. It probably depends on just how germaphobic you are though!  It smells like an incredible mixture of grapefruit and lime which I am pretty sure is the signature Soap & Glory scent that everybody is always harping on about. (I can confirm that the Soap and Glory states that this is their ‘Pink Fragrance’, also smelled in The Righteous Butter and Hand Food) I’m not usually a fan of fruity smells but this is lovely, especially when compared to the straightforward alcohol scent of most others. This won’t have others staring at you on the bus because you’re stinking the place out of it.

Of course, to stick to the Soap & Glory image, the gel is pink too which makes it a little more glamorous than your average anti-bac gel. While I would always apply a hand cream straight afterwards anyway, I actually don’t find this as drying as other ones that I have tried – no mean feat considering the high alcohol content. It contains natural grapefruit extract and XBAC-99 – I’m not quite sure what that is but it sounds clean which I like. It absorbs almost instantly and leaves behind no sticky or greasy residue, just a lovely aroma.

All in all, I have greatly been enjoying using this. It smells wonderful, I feel clean and it is not as strong and hand-destroying as the Penneys version. For €3.49, it will hardly break the bank either and you will be thankful the next time the person sitting beside you sneezes everywhere.

What do you think? Are you a fan of hand sanitizer? Have you tried this one?


6 thoughts on “Soap & Glory Hand Maid

  1. I’ve noticed this one hanging around boots and been tempted by it, but always ended up going for ones that don’t cost quite as much (I go through a lot of antibac gel!) If you’re looking for other scented ones try the cuticura ones in passion flower & mango.. it’s quite nice!

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