Illamasqua Lipstick (Collection and Review)

Illamasqua Lipstick

You all know about my obsession with Illamasqua so I had to check and recheck about three times because I could not BELIEVE that I have never posted about my lipstick collection before. It began with the four visible shades in the above photo which came in the 2009 limited edition Sirens palette and my most recent purchase was only two weeks ago. No doubt this will expand in the future but for now, I’ll show you what I have.




Illamasqua call this a fuschia violet. It is a dark blue-based fuchsia, released as part of the Toxic Nature collection for Spring/Summer 2011 although it is still available today. If you know me at all, you know I adore hot pink lipsticks and this is no exception. I am not entirely sure what finish it is supposed to have – possibly a satin – but there is a strong sheen off it that can look borderline frosty but with such an intense colour, it looks far from old-lady-frost.




Illamasqua label this a warm peachy pink with a matte finish. It was released as part of their Sirens collection for Spring/Summer 2009 but is still available today. I love this colour. It is such a wearable one and is right on the line between a natural peach and a natural pink. Despite the matte finish, it is non-drying and quite comfortable to wear. My one bugbear is that my version of this is in a palette and I know if I had it in bullet-form, I would get far more use out of it.




Illamasqua refer to this as a bright rose pink with a matte finish. This was also released as part of the Sirens collection for Spring/Summer 2009 and is still available. I would say this is more of a pastel type pink than a rose one. As you can see from the photos, this lipstick would benefit from lips in really good condition as the light colour means every crack and crease shows up. I am still a fan though as it doesn’t wash out my pale complexion and is quite a wearable shade.




Illamasqua call this a bright blueberry violet with a matte finish. I cannot find an exact release date for this lipstick but reviews of it go back as far as 2009 so I imagine it may have been one of their first lipsticks. (The brand began in 2009). Sadly, it is no longer available but they do have two other purple lipsticks, ESP and Underworld if you are interested in an unusual shade. I like things that are a little different and so I was delighted to receive ‘Fetish’ in a mystery box and although it is unlike anything else I own, the pigmentation is a little disappointing. It goes on quite sheer and needs to be built up quite considerably but that pinkness on the inside of your lips is never covered by it. (Visible in the second photo). However, this is definitely a great one for layering over a liner for a really unusual colour and it only makes me want their other purples even more.




Illamasqua label this a vivid pink with a matte finish. It was released as part of the I’mperfection collection for Spring 2013 and is still available. It is a very bright, blue-based, candy pink made even more shocking because of the matte finish. This is a bold colour that is definitely only for the brave. The matte finish on this particular lipstick is very, very dry. While not unusable or uncomfortable to wear, you need lips in amazing condition in order to pull this off. It is the only drying matte lipstick from them in my collection but the unique colour makes it worthwhile in my opinion.




Illamasqua refer to this as a deep raspberry pink. It was released as part of the Generation Q collection for Fall 2012 and is still available. I was lucky enough to be gifted this by my friend, Andie of Dancing With Disaster and from first sight, it was true love. It is a gorgeous deep pink berry shade that isn’t dark enough to be goth but still looks quite striking against my pale skin. I have been wearing this all winter long and without a shadow of a doubt, it is my most worn Illamasqua lipstick. The website does not indicate what finish it has but it is definitely not matte, like most of the others. It has a gorgeous sheen and is so very comfortable on the lips. I would probably call it a creme finish.




Illamasqua describe this as a warm gold nude with a shimmer finish. This is another released as part of the Sirens collection for Spring/Summer 2009 and that came in my palette. This is probably the least ‘me’ shade of any that I own from Illamasqua. Shimmer or frost lipsticks are just a big no for me as they remind me of old ladies. While some of the shots just look like this has a strong sheen, up close you can see miniscule glitter particles! While the idea of a peach shade with a gold sheen is nice, this is poorly executed. Illamasqua must have realised that as this is now discontinued.




Illamasqua call this a deep rose pink with a matte finish. This was also released as part of the Sirens collection for Spring/Summer 2009 and is still available. I would call this a raspberry pink and to me it is quite similar to ‘Immodest’ but without the sheen. Because it is quite a blue-based shade, it leaves your teeth looking really white as demonstrated in my first and only ever swatch photo with teeth! This is a gorgeous shade and another that I am disappointed I don’t own in bullet form.


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++777777 ‘Shard’


Illamasqua refer to this as a red violet with a matte finish. It was released as part of their Sacred Hour collection for Fall 2013. It is still available and my most recent purchase from the brand. This winter, moreso than any other before, I have been utterly obsessed with vampy, berry lip shades and when I saw this, it needed to be mine – not only because it reminded me of the classic Jim Henson movie The Dark Crystal, in both name and shade. This isn’t as pigmented as I wanted and needs to be built up but it does layer well. While this isn’t as super-drying as ‘Immodest’, it does show up any flaws on the lips so ensure they are moisturised and flake-free beforehand-*. The colour is a stunner though and I have already worn it on several occasions.




Illamasqua call this a classic rose red with a matte finish. I think this was one of their original lipsticks too as I am pretty sure I bought this back in 2009. This is sadly discontinued but Illamasqua offer an array of other reds like Maneater, Box and Sangers. The photographs are portraying this as quite pinky but it is definitely more of a true red in person, with no blue undertones. I think this is a universally flattering shade and one of my favourite reds in my collection.

I adore the packaging of Illamasqua lipsticks with their black square tubes that make them easily identifiable amongst my vast collection. They all have excellent lasting power, in particular, any with a matte finish especially. I adore these lipsticks and hope to collect many more in future. I don’t have a bad thing to say about them. They are on the more expensive side at €19.68 each but that’s the equivalent of a Mac one now anyway.

What do you think? Have you tried Illamasqua’s lipsticks? What’s your favourite shade?


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