Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer

My collection of Catrice polishes grew by two this Christmas. Obviously it is still far from extensive but wearing these polishes over the past few weeks has me questioning why that is. On the very right of the photo is ‘After Eight’, the first and – until Christmas – only Catrice polish I owned and it is gorgeous. I am constantly frequenting the NYC, Essence and Catrice stands in Penneys yet always find myself leaving with a polish by either of the other brands, despite the fact that I think these are superior quality to Essence’s Colour & Go range. Anyway, that’s enough rambling. Let’s take a closer look at the photos and hopefully next time I mention these polishes on the blog, it will be to introduce you to my latest collection which will have increased tenfold.

'09 Hugo Moss'

’09 Hugo Moss’

Hugo Moss

Okay, first of all kudos for the name! I adore puns and this one made me snort on Christmas morning. This is a dark green polish with a cream finish. I don’t have one single other polish in my collection that is dark green but that is why I love receiving makeup and polishes as gifts. Other people choose colours you may never even have looked at and it makes you step outside your comfort zone. Not that I am uncomfortable wearing green polish but it is just not a colour I ever go for. The photographs show two coats although I think three would have been ideal. The colour is gorgeously unique and made me feel a little like a Disney villain while wearing it – not a bad thing!

'32 The Dark Knight'

’32 The Dark Knight’

The Dark Knight

I loved this polish the second that I saw it on Christmas morning. It is a stunning deep purple with a high-shine cream finish. I ended up painting two coats on one hand and three on the other (totally normal, right?) and the difference the third coat made was phenomenal. The photographs show three and you can really see how multidimensional it looks. It is almost a Cadbury-type purple and is nearly reminiscent of ‘Baptiste’ – one of my favourite Illamasqua polishes of all time. (Although it’s not QUITE there). With two coats, however, I thought it looked a little dull and plain so I would highly recommend the third.

'600 After Eight'

‘600 After Eight’

After Eight

This appears to have been part of an old collection of Catrice nail polishes and is no longer on the website. They are currently advertising their ‘The Next Level’ line which features ‘Hugo Moss’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ and seems to run from numbers 1 to 58. So I doubt that this is still available which is a pity as it is such a multifaceted shade. The name literally couldn’t be more spot-on – it is so reminiscent of an After Eight box. It is a blackened green shade that transforms when the light hits it. Absolutely gorgeous!

I adore the names of the Catrice polishes as I love a bad pun and they have one shade called ‘George Blueney’ that literally had me pull a face in the shop like something out of a Ren and Stimpy cartoon.

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer

The brush is quite a wide, thick one which makes painting your nails quite easy as you can definitely do it in fewer strokes than usual. I also like that the bottles are sleek with a plain black lid which makes them look far more expensive than they are. It may be worth noting that the newer ones say ‘Catrice’ on the lid, while ‘After Eight’ does not.

My original one cost €2.79 and I am unsure if they have increased their price with their new line but I can guarantee it will still be a bargain for the quality. They apply beautifully and are quite longwearing, particularly for a budget brand. I already have my eye on a few new ones on the website.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Catrice’s Ultimate Nail Lacquers? What shade should I pick up next?


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