Scent Saturday: Issey Miyake Le Feu D’Issey Light

Issey Miyake Le Feu D'Issey Light

I was delighted to receive some new fragrances from Santa this year. Not that I don’t have enough, as I certainly do, but I love to have a variety to match any mood and I was even more intrigued because I had never smelled them before. One of my all time favourite fragrances is the original Issey Miyake for men which I relentlessly buy for Boyfriend as I adore it so much. I have even been known to wear it myself as I think it is one of those fragrances that borders on the masculine side of unisex. I know this is unrelated to the original Issey Miyake for men but I was still excited to try another scent from that house.

This is Le Feu D’Issey Light which is supposedly a lighter version of their Le Feu perfume which I have never tried. While many of Issey Miyake’s original fragrances were aquatic, the Le Feu range is supposed to be more fiery.

Issey Miyake Le Feu D'Issey Light

I received my perfume in a special refillable handbag spray bottle and it is easily the most unique perfume bottle that I own. It is a red rubber ball. The atomiser nozzle slides back and forth across the bottle hiding it and then revealing it so you can use it. This is to make it safe to toss in your bag without worry of breakages or leaking.

Issey Miyake Le Feu D'Issey Light

While the packaging is perfect for popping in your handbag – as it is designed for – it isn’t great for standing on your dressing table. As it is a ball, it likes to roll although at least you can rest easy in the fact that if it were to fall off, it wouldn’t break.

On first sniff, I didn’t dislike it but knew it wasn’t the type of perfume I usually go for. However, the more I smell it, the more I love it. As the name suggests, I do find it to be quite light and it doesn’t last any longer than a few hours on me. (Maybe I SHOULD bring it in my bag…) To me, it is quite a warm scent which I love mixed with something powdery that reminds me of old lady perfumes – although despite how it sounds – that is not meant as a negative. I guess I’m just bad at +

The top notes are mahogany, rose, coconut, anise and bergamot.
The heart is made up of jasmine, milk, caramel, hortensia and rose.
It dries down to a base of sandalwood, musk, vanilla, white amber, cedar and guaiac wood. (All my favourites!)

Looking at those ingredients now, I can definitely smell the rose and milkiness but the warmth of the base notes are still very much apparent. This is a step in a very different direction for me but I will admit, I love this perfume. I would definitely be interested in trying the original Le Feu to see how alike they are and if it is stronger, if it would last a little longer on my skin.

What do you think? Have you smelled this? Does it sound like your type of scent? Are you a fan of Issey Miyake?


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