Sally Hansen Lip Inflation

Sheer Blush

Sheer Blush

I cannot resist a good deal, particularly when it comes to makeup, which is why you will often find me like a vulture picking at a carcass in the beauty section of a Dealz shop. You know the beauty sections, right? About three pegs wide containing a plethora of plastic bagged-products and usually surrounded by squealing teenage girls. You will probably catch me squealing amongst them as between all of the plastic-y looking Chit Chat brand products and the congealed nail varnishes, a bargain can be found. I have already purchased several Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes for the barganistic (totally a word!) price of €1.49 and recently I spotted this gem from the same brand, the Lip Inflation.

I have always loved those lip plumper things, although I know they are total marmite products. I love the tingle, the burn, the feeling that I am going to suddenly have the lips of Angelina Jolie. I also love peachy glosses to team with dark eyes. So this seemed perfect for me. And for €1.49, I wasn’t going to turn it down.

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation - Sheer Blush

The brush is one of those bristled ones which I am usually not a fan of as they can splay and be awkward to work with, however I haven’t found this difficult to use at all.

The colour I opted for was ‘Sheer Blush’, although there were several others available;  Sheer Pink and Sheer Mocha. All looked neutral and wearable and if I were to see them again, I would most definitely pick them up. The Sally Hansen website claims all colours are discontinued except for ‘Clear’ and the Boots website only offers that option as well.

The first thing I noticed was the strong smell. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is but there is definitely a hint of mint in it. Boyfriend claims it smells like watermelon while someone I work with asked if I had drank a Red Bull immediately after I applied it. The website reveals that it contains cinnamon and ginger to stimulate the lips and peppermint for a refreshingly cool sensation.

It claims to stimulate blood circulation in the lips to enhance them. When applied, there is a tingle – although more of a menthol type feeling than a burn which is totally comfortable! I know people are sensitive to these things in different ways but this really is one of the most bearable of these I have ever used. No screaming or wincing with pain. It is just a tingle.

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation - Sheer Blush
‘Sheer Blush’ is a very wearable sheer peach shade – quite a my-lips-but-better one – but has quite a strong gold sheen off it which gives it a really high shine finish. The formula is very thick but not too sticky and I find it lasts incredibly well on the lips, particularly for a gloss. It is completely non-drying and I find it actually keeps my lips quite hydrated which is a major bonus. But does it actually plump them?

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation - Sheer Blush Before and After

The first picture shows my lip completely bare, the next shows them just after the application of the Lip Inflation and the third shows them half an hour later. Now bear in mind that the third picture is a little bigger than the other two (apologies!) so I can’t really see a difference whatsoever.

Despite it not plumping, inflating or enhancing my lips, I am still in love with this product. It works as a gorgeous gloss in a beautiful colour, with a pleasant scent, a long lasting, hydrating formula and a tingly feel. This has catapulted up my favourite glosses list to land beside my NYC Liquid Lipshines. And the tingly feel makes me pull a crazy duckface so they do look bigger after all.

If you aren’t lucky enough to catch it in Dealz, the clear shade is available in Boots for €8.95 which is a considerable price jump so if you are looking for me, you’ll find me in the Dealz beauty aisle, starting moshpits with teenagers.

 What do you think? Are you a fan of plumping treatments? Have you tried this? What’s your best Dealz bargain find?


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