Ciate Mini Mani Month; The Round Up

Ciate Mini Mani Month

 You may remember me mention that I treated myself to a Ciate Mini Mani Month advent calendar last month and if you follow me on Instagram, you will have been bombarded with daily photographs of the polishes I received. So with today being the final day, I decided to do a little round up post to let you know my thoughts and if it was really worth it.

Ciate Mini Mani Month
The calendar itself is huge and beautifully decorated with a fairisle print that makes it really festive looking. This is like a Christmas decoration in itself. On the back of the box, all of the polishes you will receive throughout the month are listed – which I think is stupid and never looked at. Albeit they are not in order so there is still an element of surprise about it. The calendar contains twenty three minis and one full size polish which is obviously reserved for the final day, Christmas Eve, is NOT given away on the back of the box and is exclusive to the Mini Mani Month.

This calendar is not cheap at around the €50 mark, depending on where you purchase it. I got mine from the Beauty Emporium website. However I justified it by saying that I was getting twenty four polishes for €50 – that is about two euro each! Bargain! One full size Ciate Paint Pot (13.5ml)will set you back €11.95 which is incredibly steep and not something I would pay for a polish.

On purchasing the calendar, you are informed that it contains 19 Mini Paint Pots (5ml), 1 full size Paint Pot (13.5ml), 2 Caviar Pearls (10g) and 2 Sequins/Glitter (10g). I had no issue with receiving minis as my collection of polishes is so vast that I never use any of them up anyway. I really just wanted to try the brand and I loved the idea of owning so many colours.



This is my favourite of all the mini Paint Pots I received. It is a gorgeous turquoise creme. It is worth noting that all of the mini Paint Pots were mainly creme finishes despite Ciate offering duochrome, matte, pearlised, sheer and porcelain ones also.



This is my favourite glitter, a holographic silver which I quite appropriately opened on my birthday. There were three other glitters in the calendar ‘Party Shoes’, ‘Locket’ and the full size exclusive surprise polish.

'Snow Globe'

‘Snow Globe’

This is the one polish in the calender that Ciate label a ‘Holographic’ finish (despite the above ‘Confetti’ being one).

There was also one shimmer polish in the calendar called ‘Fit For a Queen’ which I don’t yet have a decent image of but you can, of course, see on my Instagram.

'Miss Mistletoe'

‘Miss Mistletoe’

This was the one bottle of sequins included, made up of Autumnal red, gold and pink bits.

'Jingle Belle'

‘Jingle Belle’

This was the bottle of loose glitter, made up of micro-sized particles of pink and gold that flashed green in some lights.

'Frost Yourself' and 'Christmas Tree Caviar'

‘Frost Yourself’ and ‘Christmas Tree Caviar’

Neither of the two sets of caviar pearls that you receive in the calendar seem to be available on the website to buy alone so they may be exclusives too although I am not sure. ‘Frost Yourself’ was made up of blue, navy and silver pearls while ‘Christmas Tree Caviar’ was red, green and silver. Very festive!

A top coat ‘Speed Coat’ and base coat ‘Underwear’ were also included.

I was impressed with how they dispersed the caviar, sequins, glitter and base and top coats throughout the calendar. There would be nothing worse than opening a base coat the day after opening a top coat as I found those days a little underwhelming. What I don’t think they did well was disperse the colours. Day two was red, day three was orange, day four were red and orange sequins, day five was an orange-y red. It all got very samey! There were also a pastel blue and pastel turquoise on two consecutive days and two nudes with only a base coat in between them. I would rather that they were staggered a bit more but that really only affects the excitement of opening the doors as once they are in your collection, it makes no difference.

Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calender
Each door of the calendar also came with a famous quote, a cute saying or an advertisement for another Ciate product. I didn’t care much for these and some days forgot to read them but it is still a cute touch.

So now for the big question; is it worth it?

To be honest, I loved it. I loved the excitement of the big reveal every day; I loved the additions to my stash; I loved being able to try a new brand. Yes, there were disappointing days but that is all part of the game. I also found some new favourite polishes. I will do a full in-depth review of every colour I received within the next few weeks. As I broke it down with makeup maths earlier on, it really is only two euro a polish and a great way to try the brand. If they released a new calendar with twenty four different polishes, I would definitely pick it up next year. I already had a snoop on their website at some of the other offerings they have. While I wouldn’t fork out full whack for a single polish, the mini sets are great value.

And as for the exclusive polish I received today? I will post it later on Instagram for those who are dying to know!

I will be taking a few days off blogging to celebrate Christmas (but not too long, don’t worry!) so I hope you have a great one and I really want to thank you for reading and supporting the Glamour Nazi this year. You cannot possibly understand how much I appreciate it. Talk soon xo.


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