Loreal Studio Line #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray

Loreal Studio Line #TXT Supersizing Volume Spray

I recently bit the bullet and got microbead hair extensions as a little Christmas season treat for myself. While I have been obsessed with all of the added length, I find that they can weigh down my already thick and heavy hair. I will have a full review of them in a few weeks so those who are curious need not fret. I shouted out on Twitter, asking for the best product to add volume and root lift to hair and the unanimous verdict (Thanks fellow bloggers, Emma, Sue and Kat!) was that I needed to try this new offering from Loreal.

I found it easily in Boots where it retails for €4.99 but as the line is new, they had an offer on where I could pick up any two products for €6. I purchased two cans of this based on its great recommendations alone.

Loreal claims it creates a backcombed look, leaving hair texturised and volumised with a matte finish. It is also non-heavy, non-stiff and not-crunchy. The instructions seem simple enough. Simply divide hair into sections, spray, scrunch and voila! volume!

I focused it mainly on the roots, applying and scrunching in much the same way as I would with dry shampoo. To me, it feels slightly similar, leaving that dry sensation on your fingertips but isn’t half as chalky in your hair. It sprays in a fine mist and doesn’t leave any colour or obvious residue in your hair. The effects last all day and if hair begins to deflate, a little finger-teasing and scrunching will restore the volume.

Loreal Studio Line #TXT Supersizing Volume Spray
I think this before and after shot does all the talking so I don’t have to. The transformation is pretty amazing.

The one reason I am not swinging from the rafters screaming that you absolutely NEED this in your life is that, much like dry shampoo, it makes my hair feel dirty and a little itchy. It certainly doesn’t look that way but to me, it feels that way. Using this on freshly washed hair, made me feel like I needed to wash it that evening so I usually postpone it for second day hair. I do think this is a personal thing though as I don’t use dry shampoo too often unless I absolutely must.

For volume, this is amazing and fulfills of all its promises with no crunchy hair feeling and I will definitely be using up my two cans and probably repurchasing again after that. This is just not a daily fixer for me because of the dry feeling.

What do you think? Are you a fan of volumising products? Will you be giving this a go?


2 thoughts on “Loreal Studio Line #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray

  1. I just bought this today and have been having loads of fun trying it out 🙂 such an awesome product. I’m always trying new things to give my hair a bit of a boost as I’m cursed with fine limp hair 😦

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