Rich Hair Care Pure Luxury Sure Hold Hairspray

Rich Hair Care Pure Luxury Sure Hold Hairspray

I am always delighted when these little gold bottles pop through my letterbox. Rich Hair Care are a brand that have impressed me time and time again so I am always excited when I get to try out their latest offerings. Hairspray, for me, is one of those things I rarely use but always need! It is quite rare for me to go to the effort of actually curling my hair as my hair dislikes it immensely and almost instantly straightens itself out so on the rare occasions that I do, I need a product that will stick like glue.

The first thing that struck me about this product was the scent. It didn’t have the same delicious aroma as the other Rich Hair Care products that I tried which were infused with Argan Oil. Instead, this smells quite fruity and pleasant – not your stereotypical hairspray scent. It has a really, really fine mist too.

I tested it out the night of my work Christmas party. I recently got microbead extensions put into my hair (a full review of those will come soon) and while I am obsessed with the length, they seem to weigh down my already flat hair. I didn’t have time before the do to curl my hair or anything fancy so instead I decided to leave it straight but attempt to create some volume at the roots.

Rich Hair Care Pure Luxury Sure Hold Hairspray
I know I don’t exactly have a bouffant here but I teased and backcombed the back to create some lift and then used this hairspray to lock it in. Now, warning, this hairspray is STICKY. After I sprayed it, I continued to mould my hair into the style I wanted and got some very tacky fingers in the process. It then dried quickly to a rock hard finish. Now I KNOW that this is not to everybody’s taste and many people have an absolute aversion to these kind of hairsprays but I actually love them. And although my hair felt hard to the touch, it didn’t look it. The best part? My big hair lasted all night and washed out easily the next day – and believe me, with that hangover I wasn’t trying too hard.

I am really impressed with this hairspray as the ‘firm hold’ title is definitely true! I cannot wait to try it out again with curls. A 200ml bottle will set you back €16.90 which I know isn’t cheap but it IS a luxury product and you get what you pay for!

What do you think? Have you tried anything from Rich Hair Care yet? What is your favourite hairspray?


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