Mac Lip Pencil

Mac Lip Pencil - Nightmoth

My feelings on Mac cosmetics can be very conflicted. On one side, I find them to be the most overrated brand out there but on the other, I am quite a fan of some of their products and I often find myself lusting after them. This Lip Pencil from the brand in the shade ‘Nightmoth’ is something I have been coveting for the longest time. However, I hate paying out extortionate amounts for things like lip liners when good quality ones can be found for a few euro. Then, several months ago, my friend and fellow blogger, Aundrea of Dancing With Disaster offered me hers as she no longer wanted it. You have never heard the word ‘yes’ being said so quickly before.

Mac Lip Pencil - Nightmoth

‘Nightmoth’ is described as a blackened plum and I believe it to be the darkest lip pencil that they do. It is a gorgeous dark purple shade that works perfectly for Autumn and all of the plum, burgundy, berry lips that I so adore.

Mac Lip Pencil - Nightmoth
Mac describe their Lip Pencils as having a smooth, creamy texture but I completely disagree. I find them to be very hard and to pull and tug quite a lot on the lips. Look at the state of my lips in those photographs. That is after first applying it – not even after a day of wear! The pencils show up every small imperfection, crack or flake and the hard formula is so drying on the lips. My lips did not look so ravaged before application! Also notice how the colour has migrated from a line along the top lip after I rubbed them together!

I have to say I really dislike the formula of these pencils. They take a hell of a lot of work. You would need to scrub, exfoliate and moisturise your lips well before applying them and then I would urge you to use a very hydrating lipstick on top. This is definitely not one that can be worn alone!

The one thing I cannot fault is the wear time. Because the formula is so dry, it holds fast to the lips so you will have no issues with it wearing away. Although you will probably have to scrub quite a bit at your poor sore lips in order to remove it.

‘Nightmoth’ is such a stunningly vampy colour and it is a true cult favourite so I am glad I have it in my collection. It is gorgeous with a red on top to create a unique berry shade. However, with this being my first delve into Mac Lip Pencils, I cannot see myself returning despite having a list of shades I want. €16 is what you will pay for the pleasure of having your lips torn apart.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Mac Lip Pencils? Did you have a similar experience to me? Is it just an issue with this colour?


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