Christmas Decor

I have always been excited about decorating for Christmas for as long as I can remember. Several years ago, my mother bestowed on me the duty of tree decorator and so my love affair blossomed. I began to do colour-themed trees and I would vary it each year. This is my first Christmas in my own apartment and the idea of having the entire place to decorate is almost overwhelmingly exciting. Of course, with great power comes great COST so I decided to share with you my Christmas decor on a budget.

Christmas Tree

This is our Christmas tree. Last year my mother bought a new tree so she loaned us her old one to use this year, claiming we could buy our own in the January sales to do us for next year. A tree is a huge expense so I am so grateful to have this, especially as it is seven foot tall and gorgeous. Those white pearl lights are from Penneys with a set of 100 costing only €8. I think there are 150 on our tree. I like them so much more than the traditional multicoloured ones that flash. I find them much more expensive looking, not to mention classier. As you can see, I stuck with my color-theme idea, choosing red and silver for a modern yet traditional look. Here is a look at some of my favoutite decorations on it.

Silver Snowflake

I adore this glittery silver snowflake decoration which came as part of a set from Penneys. I cannot remember the exact price but I think it was around the three or four euro mark for a set of about eight.

Wooden Tree Decoration
This gorgeous traditional-looking wooden tree decoration came in a pack of three in Dealz for €1.49.

Silver glitter ball

This stunningly ornate looking glittery silver ball came in an assorted pack of big baubles. Again I cannot remember the exact price but it was only a few euro.

Red Glitter Ball

Okay, you get it – I like glitter. This red glitter ball came in another set from Penneys.

Silver glittery reindeer

I am also obsessed with these silver glittery dancing (or is it prancing?) reindeer decorations, also from Penneys. In fact, I loved them so much I also got them in red. You can see one peeking out at the bottom of the photograph.

Christmas Table
Boyfriend took it upon himself to decorate our TV table festively so this is his handiwork. We picked up a two-pack of Christmas tablecloths in Dealz but Boyfriend was dismayed to find they were plastic when we took them home. (What did he expect for €1.49?) We still used the red and white fairisle one on the bottom of the table and I don’t think the material is obvious unless you look closely. On another shopping trip, he picked up the red and white table runner in Dealz to cover the other one. Again this set us back another €1.49. The weird plastic globe thing in the centre is actually a speaker but embellished with the red berry wreath from Penneys which cost about a fiver, it looks considerably more Christmassy. The small candle with the silver baubles around it is also from Penneys and was in around the three euro mark, as far as I can remember. The Yankee candles flanking the speaker are actually from last year and I would advise waiting for the sales to pick up the Christmas scents for something like half price!



Boyfriend suggested picking up those giant silver plastic plates in Dealz and I cringed. I didn’t expect them to look so good with candles sitting atop them. The red and white pillar candles are also from Dealz along with the small glass votives with the red Christmas print which came in a two pack. We filled them with tealights from Dealz which are supposedly Christmas-scented but I can’t get a whiff of anything off them and they burn down super quickly, making them single use. The low red candle holders actually belonged to Boyfriend long before we moved in and I am not sure where they are from. And what would Christmas be without candy canes? I got two packs for €3 in Heatons and thought they looked nice on the plate alongside the candles. I hung the rest on the tree. We have a plate of candles on either side of our TV table.

And that is pretty much us. I’m sure if you added it all up, it would probably come to quite a lot of money we have spent on decorations but the first year was bound to be the worst and I think we did well, considering we only shopped in Dealz and Penneys. I think that for budget decorations, they look quite classic and not cheesy and cheap-looking.

What do you think? Where do you buy your decorations? Anything here you will be on the lookout for now?


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