Christmas Gifts: For Him

My least favourite people to buy for are men – Boyfriend, my dad, my sister’s boyfriend…. I am TERRIBLE at picking presents for men. Well, my men in particular. They all are the “guys who have everything” type so if yours aren’t, here are some ideas for you!

Roger & Gallet l'Homme Eau de toilette

Roger & Gallet L’Homme

I am a huge fan of the Roger & Gallet brand and while I find a lot of their scents to be quite unisex, they have one especially for men (Could you guess by the title?) I haven’t had the chance to sniff this yet but I ADORE manly scents (I am a complete aftershave pervert, rubbing my knees when a strongly-scented man walks by!) and this is described as a “woody” fragrance with “an authentic chypre character”. The 100ml Eau de Toilette will set you back €39, and there is also a Shaving Foam (€13.25), Aftershave Balm (€15.25) and a Hair and Shower Gel available in the range so stuff his stocking with one or create a gift set of them all, depending on your budget.

Gilette Express Travel Set Gift BagGillette Express Travel Set Gift Bag

I think shaving sets are a good gift for men as they will definitely use them and I imagine they are the type of things that guys hate to buy for themselves. Razors are expensive, ya know? This cute travel bag is stocked with a shaving gel, Mach 3 razor, Head and Shoulders Shampoo, deodorant and moisturiser. Most men won’t think to ever buy themselves a toiletry bag so that will come in handy too. For only €13 for the set and part of Boots 3 for 2, this is a great gift!

Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wars
Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wars

We all know someone who likes Star Wars, or at least, has wanted a lightsaber so this novelty gift from Urban Outfitters is perfect. Hopefully it will replace the post-Christmas dinner charades and for €15, it could be worth it.

Team Santa Drinking Hat
Team Santa Drinking Hat

And for the alcoholic in your life, it is one of those hats you always see on TV. Boyfriend picked one of these up during the summer (not a Christmas one, obvs.) and informed me that he has wanted one his entire life – with a statement like that, you are bound to know someone who feels the same and for twenty euro, that’s Christmas (and their entire life!) sorted.

Mr Tea Mug
Mr Tea Mug

This is a handy one for a Kris Kindle or a stocking filler. It gets a laugh out of me every time I see at! It usually retails for €9.50 in Debenhams but with their current 30% off offer, it’s only €7.60.

Anchorman Wallet and Moustache Set
Anchorman Wallet and Moustache Set

For the comedian in your life, try this. Now he can impress all his friends by looking like a twat, (even more so than usual) and it will undoubtedly lead to a quote-off from the movie. This is €18.59 from

Playstation 4

Playstation 4

Of course, if you REALLY love someone this Christmas, you will get them a Playstation 4 (or so Boyfriend has told me). According to the Independent, it may take MONTHS before the demands for this are met here in Ireland so you probably would have wanted to have ordered one months ago or you will be drawing a stickman IOU on Christmas Eve.

What do you think? Will you be picking any of these up for the men in your life? Or what do you like to buy them?


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