Christmas Gifts: Cheap and Cheerful

Welcome to the first installment of my Christmas Gifts series which will run for the next week. For this and anything else Christmas related on the blog – as there have been some posts up already – search the ‘Christmas’ tag.

Kris Kindles, acquaintances, someone who bought you something cheap and you need to return the favour; today’s post is dedicated to all gifts under twenty euro. Of course, cheap doesn’t have to mean crap! I wouldn’t mind a few of these myself.

Soap and Glory Eyes Box Set

Soap and Glory Eyes Box Set

While Boots 3 for 2 can be an absolute lifesaver, I think the trick is to go for the branded stuff. Sure, Ted Baker and French Connection do great clothes but do you trust them when it comes to lipstick? I am a huge fan of Fearne Cotton but since when was she known for creating a good nail polish? And anything that is Boots’ own brand screams THREE FOR TWO. We will probably recognise anything from 3 for 2 anyway but at least TRY to hide it. With that in mind, check out this gorgeous set from Soap and Glory. For €20, this kit contains six eyeshadows, a kohl pencil, a double ended brush, an eyelash curler and their famous Thick and Fast mascara. Cheap, cheerful AND chic.

Simple Kind to Skin MinisSimple Kind to Skin Minis Collection

Also in Boots 3 for 2 is this adorable set of Simple products including a mini toner, facial wash and moisturiser – all suitable for anyone with a face. A great stocking filler for only €5.75! There are also other kits available in the range for a few extra euro.

Floozie Frost French Sweet Heart Bath FizzersFloozie by Frost French Sweet Heart Bath Fizzers

Aren’t these so sweet?! What better way to get the message across to your best friend while still staying in her good books. These are available in Debenhams where there is currently 30% off gifts (10% off beauty!) bringing this down to €5.60 from €8! Another great stocking stuffer.

Benefit Skin Care Kit

Benefit Skin Care Kit

Benefit are known for many things but good value isn’t one of them so I was surprised to see this six piece kit retailing for only €16 (€14.40 with the Debenhams offer). This includes a facial wash, facial polish, toning lotion, facial emulsion, facial cream and eye cream – some of which I have reviewed previously.

Cocoa Brown Luxury Gift Set

Cocoa Brown Luxury Gift Set

I have seen several different Cocoa Brown gift sets in Penneys but this is the holy grail one. Featuring a full size of the original One Hour Tan, Tough Stuff Body Scrub and the new Chocolate Whip Body Moisturiser, as well as your obligatory hot pink tanning mitt – this set is a steal at only €19.99 (total value of €29), exclusively available in Tesco stores.

Catrice Arts Collection Eyes and Face PaletteCatrice Arts Collection Eyes and Face Palette

Yes, you did read that right. This is by budget brand Catrice and to say I am in love would be an understatement. How stunning is this?! With sleek and stylish packaging, these palettes are available in three colourways. This purple baroque package houses six gorgeous rose and warm toned eyeshadows, a pink blush, a pink highlight, an eyeliner and an applicator.

There is also a green art nouveau palette with six gold and green eyeshadows, and a warm peach blush and highlight. There is also an orange art deco palette featuring six orange and grey toned eyeshadows, a bold orange blush and highlight. All three are absolutely stunning and at €10 each are the perfect gift (or self-gift!)

So what do you think? Will any of these be gracing the stocking of a loved one? Or slip into your own possession?


4 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts: Cheap and Cheerful

    • That’s always the way, isn’t it? Although particularly with Benefit. I can’t remember the last thing I bought from them as their prices are astronomical for what they are.

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