O.P.I. Nail Lacquer

O.P.I. Nail Lacquer

O.P.I. is a huge name in nail polish with a ginormous following and high levels of anticipation for the release of their new collections. Until recently I had only just dipped my toe into their line with the Nicki Minaj for O.P.I. collection. While I was pretty impressed with that release, I lusted after a full size bottle to really get my claws into, so to speak yet I found the price tag a little too daunting.

One of my favourite online beauty retailers, the Beauty Emporium, recently had an offer up on Deal Rush where you could buy a €50 voucher for €25 or something to that effect and of course, I picked one up so with €50 to spend, I found my first full size O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in my posession. It would have cost a cringeworthy €10.50 otherwise.

The colour I chose was ‘Midnight in Moscow’ as it was the only one available on the website that really stood out to me.

O.P.I. Nail Lacquer - Midnight in Moscow


Midnight in Moscow

I have discovered that it was released as part of the Russian Collection for Fall 2007. I didn’t realise it was so old but I only recently purchased it so I am sure you could probably still pick it up somewhere.

O.P.I. describe it as a charcoal with a hint of maroon glimmer. In two coats it resembles a charcoal black and when the light hits, a plethora of red shimmer appears, making it almost seem like a burgundy duochrome. I think you can see in the second photograph (with flash) just how stunning it looks. It also has a really high shine finish which makes nails absolutely showstopping. I adore dark nail colours which can look like boring black but then transform into other colours which is exactly why I chose this one and at first, it did not disappoint.

The application was a little sketchy though. The first layer is completely unwearable, being a pukey brown colour and even with a second layer which offers the opacity and gorgeous colour, it can still be quite patchy. I have worn this polish twice and both times had the same difficulty. After the second coat dried, I could see little areas where the polish had pooled and bare areas of my nail visible through the polish. The first time I used this, I added a third coat for luck which is what is photographed above although I have it on at the moment with only two coats.

I also found with a little bit of wear, that high-shine finish disappears and the polish looks quite murky, with the red shimmer far less apparent so you have to actually LOOK to see it. I also found that, quite bizarrely, as well as chipping at the tips, it seemed to wear away across the actual nail – as in, it is becoming less opaque the longer I wear it and more streaky looking. I tried to take a photograph to insert here to show you but it won’t translate like it does in person.

O.P.I. Nail Lacquer

The brush is your standard black bristled one which is easy enough to use and a decent size for coating your nails in about two swipes.

In all, I was slightly disappointed with this polish. I could actually deal with its unevenness for the glossy, almost-duochrome finish when it is first applied but the fact that it dulls so considerably after wear means I won’t be reaching for it in my stash very often. I hope that this is just a problem with this shade and it wouldn’t put me off buying O.P.I. (at a sale price) in the future.

What do you think? Do you own this colour? Or any O.P.I. polishes? What was your experience?


4 thoughts on “O.P.I. Nail Lacquer

  1. The colour is beautiful!
    I’ve had and still have a few OPI polishes. My overall experience with them is quite good, but I guess you can’t avoid stumbling across a bad apple.
    I like them, but I only buy them at a sale price (if at all).

    • Yeah, the price seems astronomical (although not when compared with my all-time favourite Illamasqua ones!) so regardless, I couldn’t imagine buying them full price. I guess I’ll have to look into other colours when I get the chance.

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