Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation - Ivory

Tarte is a brand that I have been lusting over for years now. Famed for their Amazonian Clay Blushes, their foundation from the same line began to pop up in a number of YouTube videos I was watching; and with ‘full coverage’ in the title, it needed to be mine. Of course, Tarte isn’t available in Ireland so it wasn’t actually an option for me to try it, unless I fancied a long haul flight across to the US first. Luckily, my lovely friend, Aundrea of Dancing With Disaster, hosted a blog sale and was selling off this baby. I didn’t ask where she got it. I didn’t ask why she didn’t want it. All I knew was that it had to be mine and two days later, it was waiting for me in my post box.

Obviously I didn’t get to choose the shade but I received ‘Ivory’ which is described on the Tarte website as being for fair skin with pink undertones while ‘Fair Sand’ is available for those who are pale but more yellow-toned. I, myself, am quite neutral and can usually pull off pink or yellow tones although if things are too pink, they can look wrong on me which is why I would often opt for the yellow option.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation - 'Ivory'

The tube looks rather small and unassuming but in reality holds a whopping 50ml of product! The average foundation is only 30ml so despite the fact that this looks like it has a hefty pricetag, it is actually very reasonable. I love that it comes in a tube as it means you can get every last bit of product out and the wooden screw-off lid is so very ‘Tarte’ whose motto is ‘high-performance naturals’.



As you can see, this squirts out of the tube in a very thick formula. I was a little excited about this as, to me, it meant that the full coverage promise would be kept but I also worried that it would be difficult to work with and cakey. As you can see, the colour doesn’t look very pink! In fact, I didn’t even know it was supposed to be pink-toned until I read the description on the website just now. I thought it was quite yellow.

I applied it using my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and was immediately disappointed with the coverage. It was nowhere NEAR full. Now, before you blame the sponge, I used it with full and heavy coverage foundations in the past and it has never diluted them. The thick formula really sheers out on the skin.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation - 'Ivory'

Here is one layer of the foundation applied using the sponge. To me, it still looks like more of a yellow tone. As you can see, it is not full coverage at all. Not only is my whopping great angry spot still fully visible (in reality, it could be forgiven for that. It is a monster!) but you can see a smaller pink spot closer to my ear and some redness around my nose as well as some freckles on my temple. Okay, these are nothing major and nothing that can’t be hidden by using some concealer but this foundation is marketed as full coverage and it most certainly is not. I would call it more of a medium and not even a medium-to-full. As you can see, the colour is slightly too dark for my neck.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation - 'Ivory'

The good news is that this is so easily buildable. Here it is (on a different day – see? no monster!) with a second layer on areas that required it. There is no need to allow it to settle or sink in before applying a second layer – simply dabbing some more on top does the job which is an absolute God-send as it doesn’t require any messing around or add any additional time on to your morning routine.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation - 'Ivory'
And here it is, fully powdered etc. and it looks absolutely flawless. I would never call this a full coverage foundation but it can be built up to it so fret not if that is what you seek.

The website claims that is has a “satin-matte” finish but I applied it and got distracted in my apartment before I had a chance to powder it. I only wore it for about ten-fifteen minutes but there was far too much of a sheen off it for me to wear it without powder. That is just personal preference though. With powder, I find that my T-zone still does get shiny after a few hours so I do need to top up which is something I didn’t experience at all with my Revlon Colorstay so it is worth noting if you have got oilier skin.

As for the 12 hour promise? Well it does LAST 12 hours but I thought it looked a little faded and worse for wear by then. Don’t get me wrong, my face didn’t fall off and it is totally acceptable – it just doesn’t look HALF as nice as it does freshly applied.

This famous ‘Amazonian Clay’ is a nutrient-rich, multitasking and skin balancing clay which claims to reduce skin dryness and flakiness, improve clarity, elasticity, firmness and texture while removing oil. As I mentioned earlier on about getting shiny throughout the day – I don’t know if I can attest to its “removing oil” but my skin HAS felt lovely, nourished and hydrated which is no mean feat considering the icy weather which can usually dry my skin out. This definitely hasn’t felt like it is choking my skin or not allowing it to breathe as can be the case with full coverage foundations. My skin has also been blemish-free (bar that monster, but that surfaced before I started using this!) It is also worth noting that the foundation contains SPF15 – always a welcome addition.

In all, my review is a bit mixed. While I like this foundation and have been using it daily, even if I had the option, I don’t think I would be running out to repurchase it. While the coverage is buildable to full, I don’t believe it keeps its twelve hour promise and the colour is too dark for me – oxidising a little throughout the day also so I need to bronze my neck. This is the palest shade available so alabaster girls like me, this probably isn’t the best for you, although I would still be interested to try the “yellow-toned” Fair Sand. While I don’t dislike this foundation at all, this hasn’t reached Holy Grail status from me but if you are of a darker skin tone and don’t need the fullest of full coverage, you may love it – it does feel lovely and breathable on the skin!

 What do you think? Have you tried this? Or anything from Tarte? Does this sound like your kind of thing?


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