Essence Longlasting Lipsticks

Essence Longlasting Lipsticks

I cannot believe I have yet to blog about these babies, despite wearing them religiously for weeks and being positively in love with them. I know I say that about a lot of things but hey, I’m a product slut, what can I say? I fall for good quality products in great colours but I always have a particular `soft spot for ones that come at a reasonable price.

Essence Longlasting Lipsticks
These are the new Longlasting Lipsticks from Essence – distinguishable from their regular line by their sleek black packaging. One of my favourite aspects is that the band around each tube matches the shade inside so they are easy to tell apart amongst the rest of your stash. So far I have four shades but there are ten in the range. I think the only thing delaying this post was the idea that I would pick up some more but with Christmas fast approaching, I have cut back on the self-gifting as I have a makeup wishlist for Santa. After Christmas however, I fully intend to complete my collection of these, such is my adoration of them.

'03 Dare To Wear'

’03 Dare To Wear’

Dare To Wear

This first shade is a blue-toned red which has to be named one of my favourite reds of my entire collection. This goes so beautifully with my skin tone. I wear all manner of reds with no problem but some look very bold and striking – because this seems to be made for my complexion, it doesn’t look so ‘out there’ and I haven’t hesitated to wear it to work a few times. There is another red in the line that looks like a truer red so if this ain’t for you, check out ’02 All You Need is Red’ instead.

'04 On The Catwalk!'

’04 On The Catwalk!’

On The Catwalk!

This is a gorgeous dark red which is another that is very wearable considering. I have been rocking this on days that I want a vampier look but those afraid of the Autumn berry lips need not fear this one. It may be the simplest way to ease yourself into the trend!

'06 Barely There'

’06 Barely There’

Barely There

This is such a great nude. It has just the right amount of pink to it so that even against my alabaster skin, it doesn’t look sickly. It is a great every day shade and one I have been wearing often teamed with a dark eye. Fans of a neutral lip need this in their collection.

09 Wear Berries

09 Wear Berries

Wear Berries

This was one of the first that I picked of these lipsticks as the name seemed to fit the bill for the berry lip I was lusting after. At first, I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t anywhere near as dark as I required but I have actually been getting lots of wear out of this shade. It is more of a mauve-pink than the pictures suggest and the purple tone makes it different to the majority of lipsticks I own. This is probably the most unique of the the four shades.

With a ‘longlasting’ title, I was surprised that these weren’t a matte but have more of a satin finish. They are creamy and easy to apply yet still firm enough to create a defined lip line. They are also really comfortable to wear and even if you reapply these throughout the day, I found that they do not dry out your lips at all which is always a bonus in this icy weather we are experiencing at the moment.

And as for the ‘longlasting’ promise?

Essence Longlasting Lipstick - 03 Dare To Wear

Here is an evidence photo I posted on Facebook when I first bought the lipsticks. The first photo shows ‘Dare to Wear’ at 8am and the second shows it nine hours later, after eating and drinking with absolutely zero top ups. You must be as impressed as I am by this stage. And the best bit? These lipsticks cost €2.79 a piece! You can well afford to pick up all ten.

What do you think? Have you tried these yet? Will you be giving them a go?


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