Barry M Lip Paint

Barry M Lip Paint

I have had this lipstick in my possession for years and I have only taken so long to review it as I was waiting to purchase a few more first, yet I still haven’t. When I think of Barry M, I immediately think of their nail varnishes and so, I guess, when I’m in the market for a new lip product, they never spring to mind yet I am actually a huge fan of the single lipstick of theirs that I own.

'52 - Shocking Pink'

’52 – Shocking Pink’

I own number 52 which the internet informs me is called ‘Shocking Pink’ although it says that nowhere on the packaging and nowhere in Boots either. The packaging is simple and black – which is how I like my packaging – and it clicks closed satisfyingly. This seems more secure and heavyweight than many similarly priced lipsticks I own from other brands. It has that slight rubberised feel though, akin to Nars’ packaging, and thus is prone to picking up all of your dirty fingerprints which is a negative for me, although obviously not enough to prevent me from picking up more in future.

The texture of Barry M lipsticks is very matte and I find that it can tug a little when you are applying it. I am not usually a fan of a matte lipstick as I suffer with dry lips myself but once I moisturise well beforehand, this lipstick is alright for me. The fact that it is matte means that this lasts and lasts for hours and this is a favourite of mine for nights out for that very reason. My lips tend to be a little dry afterwards but not damaged in the long term. A little exfoliation and lip balm sorts them right out. I definitely think that in this case, the matte texture is worth it for the longevity.

'52 Shocking Pink'

’52 Shocking Pink’

I lovingly refer to this lipstick as the most obnoxious pink lipstick I own and it is true. It is a Barbie pink with a lot of blue undertones that make it, well, a really shocking colour. This is definitely not to everyone’s taste and I can imagine it on the likes of Nicki Minaj. Despite the matte formula, you can still see a sheen on it so it is not at all flat or two dimensional looking – just in your face!

In all, I am in love with this lipstick. The only downfall is the slight drying it causes my lips but it is well worth it for the payoff and lasting power. The pigmentation is practically unparalleled and for the grand old price of ā‚¬6.79, I really have no excuse not to pick up more shades. If you find the matte finish really off-putting, I just discovered that they now do Ultra Moisturising Lip Paints which come in pink tubes!

What do you think? Have you tried Barry M Lip Paints? What shades should I buy next?


4 thoughts on “Barry M Lip Paint

  1. I can’t pull stuff like this off at all but it looks great on you! I only have one nude one that’s absolutely rotten on me but there are some gorgeous colours, mad to try that green one that adjusts to your lips x

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