Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes - 23L

Make Up For Ever is a brand synonymous with great quality makeup. While the price reflects that, I still feel that other brands at similar price points get more hype, maybe simply because in Dublin, Make Up For Ever is a stand alone store as opposed to living in the Brown Thomas Beauty Hall, for example. (Although they do have a counter in Arnotts as well.) It is not a shop I frequent very often and would sometimes forget it even exists. (Despite doing my first ever make up course there!) However, when August of 2012, Boyfriend and I made a trip to Orlando and thus Sephora, I found myself instantly drawn to the Make Up For Ever stand. I was splashing out on make up anyway so decided to pick up something of theirs and came away with this eyeliner.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes - 23L

It looks rather unassuming but I had seen this used in Pixiwoo videos for years and it had been on my wish list just as long. The shade is ’23L’ – a champagne, or ‘metallic pink champagne’ according to Sephora’s website. Described as an award winning, waterproof, smudge and fade resistant eyeliner, these sound like a dream come true and the shade itself is perfect for the inner waterline to eradicate any redness and make your eyes look wider.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes - 23L

Here it is on both my upper and lower lashlines as well as my inner waterline. As you can see, it really shows up as just a hint of a sheen and on the waterline, it is pretty much invisible only it annihilates the redness. Because of the shade of this one, I found it really difficult to tell if it was indeed smudging or fading or even how long it lasted!

It can, however, be used all over the lid as an eyeshadow base and it works much better then, without creasing or moving. I would still fear wearing it alone though – as I would with any cream type product. The nib is soft yet firm, there is no fear of it just falling off if you press too hard but there is enough slip that it glides easily over the skin without catching. This is also suitable for those with sensitive eyes, despite its longwearing formula.

In all, I have mixed feelings for this product. While I have no doubt in my mind that this is an excellent product which is favoured by many make up artists and regular people alike, I found it hard to really see incredible results with this colour, although I would be interested in trying a black or dark one in future to really put it to the test. I did like it but even if it was the best liner in the world, I am not sure if it justifies the €16.50 price tag or if any eye pencil ever would, considering I have favourites that cost only a few euro and do they job very well. If you are feeling splurgey (that is totally a thing), I can’t fault this but I can’t sing praises from the rooftops either.

 What do you think? Are you a fan of Make Up For Ever? Have you tried Aqua Eyes?


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