Superdrug Coconut and Sweet Almond Shampoo and Conditioner

Superdrug Coconut and Sweet Almond Shampoo and Conditioner

One of the most exciting things about moving out of my parents’ house was that I would be making the decision about what shampoo and conditioner to choose. (I know. My life is thrilling!) Obviously I could have purchased my own products while at home but that seemed wasteful when there was always a vast supply of TreSemme in the shower already.

Another really exciting thing is that I am finally living close to a Superdrug store and have already found myself wasting hours in there swatching everything and inhaling all of the amazing products not readily available in Boots stores. While having a long browse, I happened upon this shampoo and conditioner duo that were on offer. Now I had heard nothing of Superdrug’s own line of products but the scent won me over. I am obsessed with all things coconut scented and these are the ‘Coconut and Sweet Almond’ range. I also liked that the packaging claimed that these were aimed at those with dry or damaged hair. Perfect for me! Did I mention they were on offer?! Usually retailing at €1.25 each, they were buy one, get the other half price. That wasn’t a typo – they are really that cheap and on offer too!

Superdrug Coconut and Sweet Almond Shampoo

The shampoo comes with a twist of cap while the conditioner has a pump dispenser. I’m not quite sure why they differ but I would probably rather both had a pump. I found myself prone to pouring out too much shampoo because of the lid. However it was easy to get every single last drop out of the bottle which probably won’t be possible when I reach the end of the conditioner.

Superdrug Coconut and Sweet Almond Shampoo and Conditioner

As you can see the shampoo (on top) is a clear and very runny liquid while the conditioner (below) is your regular white cream. They both do smell of coconut although not overpoweringly. I found that the scents felt like a mixture of coconut and an artificial shampoo type smell. That’s a bad description. I don’t want to say chemical smell as it seems very strong and harsh – I just mean some kind of ingredient-type smell. Do you get me yet? No. The smell is apparent as you begin to apply the products but quickly dissipates and is forgotten after your shower. This definitely does not linger.

I found with the shampoo that I had to use quite a lot of product in order to get it to lather to my satisfaction and even then, it still seemed like a very weak lather. I like quite a lot of foam action for my hair to feel clean but when using this shampoo, my hair never felt fully clean.

I am a conditioner fiend and apply tons of it (probably far too much) but I always feel like my hair really needs it and without it, it would be impossible to get a brush through! The conditioner was not thick or luxurious enough for me and I really didn’t feel it moisturised my hair much at all. As I rinsed it out, my hair still felt quite dry and tangly (how it usually does after shampooing) and I had to use a lot of leave-in conditioner after my shower in order to brush it.

In all, I was disappointed with these products and will definitely not purchase. While I wasn’t really expecting the world’s greatest shampoo and conditioner for a little over a euro each, they don’t really even do the job in my eyes. I bought them really because of the scent though and even that didn’t live up to my expectation. I think these are best suited for guys or those with short hair that doesn’t need much care.

 What do you think? Have you tried anything by Superdrug’s own brand? Or any other own brand?


4 thoughts on “Superdrug Coconut and Sweet Almond Shampoo and Conditioner

  1. Oh no! At least you have tried them! If you love cheap shampoos I love Aldi’s shampoo for kids – really cleans my hair and smells lovely, About 79p in England. Thick conditioners – sadly only Aussie is really up to the mark IMO xx

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