Collection ‘Gothic Glam’ Lipsticks

Collection Goth Glam Lipsticks

When these beauties popped up on my Twitter feed, I instantly knew that they would be mine. I was gripped by an obsession as I searched tirelessly in every Boots store until weeks later, I eventually found them in the Jervis Centre and it was so utterly worth it.

These are the three lipsticks released by budget brand, Collection (formerly 2000), as part of their ‘Gothic Glam’ collection for Autumn/Winter. Of course I bought all three; just wait until you see them! The black and gold packaging looks more expensive than it is although it feels quite lightweight in the hand. It isn’t flimsy, however, and I have no problem chucking these into my bag. The packaging is the same as the tubes used for Collection’s Lasting Colour lipstick range, however these contain gold detailing while the rest in the range are coloured to match the lipstick shade. I like the gold as it adds a touch of decadence.

01 Seduction, 02 Scorned, 03 Revenge

01 Seduction, 02 Scorned, 03 Revenge

Let’s take a moment to compose ourselves, shall we? You cannot possibly comprehend how long I have lusted after some vampy lipstick shades like these yet they are harder to find than you may think. While true ‘goths’ may despise how their style is actually fashionable at the minute, I am absolutely adoring it. It is a throwback to my youth and makes products like these so easily accessible! Not to mention, you don’t get half as many stares rocking these lipsticks as I did wearing black when I was fifteen.

'01 Seduction'

’01 Seduction’


This is probably the most wearable of the three for those who are slightly terrified of a bold lip. This is a darkened pinky-red that is stunning and unlike any other colour in my collection. I have been wearing it with a red liner underneath to bolden it up just a little but either way this is gorgeous and still striking. It simply looks a little weak when compared to the other two.

'02 Scorned'

’02 Scorned’


This is the boldest of the bunch. The perfect deep purple. I am obsessed with this colour. I cannot even think what else to write about it. The pictures really just do all the talking.

'03 Revenge'

’03 Revenge’


This is my favourite of the three (although it is a very close call!) This is a deep, darkened red – a few shades darker than my beloved Kate Moss for Rimmel one. Perfection.

Now I had never tried a Collection lipstick before so while I was blown away by the colours, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the quality. My first impression was how beautiful these were to apply. They really glide on to the lips, leaving a trail of impressive pigmentation in their path. They have an artificial cherry scent to them which is okay, although I know some people might find it offensive. It completely disappears after application though.

The fact that these are so creamy means that you have to be extra careful when reaching the edges of your lips although it is far from impossible to create a perfectly crisp lip line with these. Those who are prone to bleeding may benefit from using a liner too. I also find that they can disappear in the centre where your lips meet which I think is quite apparent in some of the photos. This is easily rectified by using in conjunction with a lip liner too but Boyfriend actually commented that he really liked that “two-tone” thing I was doing with my lips so hey presto! easy ombre!

Their lasting power is also pretty impressive. While they tend to fade slightly throughout the day, they do not go patchy or completely disappear. Instead they lighten to resemble a stain after a few hours so they are completely wearable for a whole day. They are also not drying at all which is a major bonus.

In all, I cannot fault these lipsticks. I am utterly obsessed with them and at €4.79 a pop, they won’t break the bank if you pick up all three. I actually bought them with my Boots points which was awesome! I will definitely be looking into their Lasting Colour range and picking up more shades for my Collection collection.

What do you think? Have you tried any lipsticks by the brand? Would you rock these vampy shades?


5 thoughts on “Collection ‘Gothic Glam’ Lipsticks

  1. What colour lipliner would you use with Revenge? I bought it the other day and definitely need a liner with it but I can only find bright red ones

    • I had the same issue and just used a red lip liner underneath. It cleaned up the edges and held the lipstick in place but with Revenge on top, you can’t actually see the colour.

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