Marie Reynolds London Lush Locks Hair Treatment Candle

Marie Reynolds London Lush Locks Candle Silk
I posted a few days ago about my experience with the Marie Reynold London Treatment Candles but wanted to post about this one separately as this treatment is for your hair. Again, I received a 30ml Travel Tin to test out which is the perfect size to get a few uses out of and to see if you can justify the spend on the full size.

This works in the same way as the other candles; you light it and allow it to burn for a while, then you extinguish it, leave it a few seconds and then pour the hot wax (which is actually an oil) on to your hands and massage into the desired area. The Lush Locks candles are available in either ‘Silk’ or ‘Satin’ and I received  the ‘Silk’. Both candles feature almond oil, avocado butter, Moroccan argan oil, Hawaiian kukuinut oil, vitamin E and jojoba oil. The difference between both versions is that ‘Silk’ contains neroli while ‘Satin’ features champa flower. There is certainly a very natural and neroli-infused scent to it which is quite pleasant.

I had heard quite a bit about these candles before and was eager to try them. You may remember months ago when I got my hair done in The Style Club and blathered endlessly about how healthy it was and how much I loved it. Well, that was back in May and six months later, my hair is gagging for renewal. It is really just the ends that are crying out for a good trim. They can go a little crunchy…

So, much like with the body ones, I lit my Lush Locks candle before stepping into the shower. When I emerged, I towel dried my hair, blew out the candle, poured some oil into my hand and massaged it about half way up my hair from the ends. Now, I read the tin and the instructions stated that it could be used on either dry or damp hair but as I had never used a hair oil before, I decided not to chance it on dry hair. It also didn’t tell me how much to use so I basically used two handfuls of it. When, a few hours later, my hair wouldn’t dry, I realised that I had used FAR too much. My hair was practically in dreadlocks! It was horrific. Luckily it was also Halloween so when I went out that evening, nobody noticed, believing it must have been part of my costume.

I wanted to try it again to see if it really did benefit my hair but was terrified of suffering the same fate. Eventually, a few days ago, I bit the bullet and gave it another go – this time using the candle sparingly. The results once my hair was dry were insane. The ends of my hair felt like – well, to be perfectly honest – SILK. I could not stop touching them! The best part was the effect lasting until the next time I washed my hair unlike other products which make my hair feel lovely after washing but the next day have worn off and I’m left with my crunchy ends once more.

Overall I was so impressed with the results and will definitely continue to use this when my hair is in need of a little TLC. My one word of advice is to use sparingly! Although that is probably obvious considering that it is an oil.

The full size duo of Lush Locks treatments are currently on sale on the Beauty Emporium website for €34.15 which is insanely cheap and if you really want to treat yourself, trendy hair salon Preen on Dame Street offer the Lush Locks treatment with an Indian head massage for €20!

What do you think? Are you a fan of hair oils? Would you try a hair candle?


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