Bev Ridge & Friends Lip Gloss

Bev Ridge & Friends Lip Gloss

Bev Ridge & Friends is a brand that I hadn’t ever heard of before last Christmas when I received a mega hat box gift set featuring a ton of products from my sister. Their concept is not new or original but it seems to be a hit with a broad spectrum of people. They create cosmetics and skin care products in retro packaging and with tongue-in-cheek names (Think Benefit, The Balm, Soap & Glory….). They have a website which you can order from but am unsure if their products are easy to find year ’round. At Christmas, however, they seem to be everywhere. A quick Google search brings me to Boots, Littlewoods, Debenhams and House of Fraser.

The thing about these brands that seem to only appear come Christmas is that they always leave me wondering about the quality. As someone who has studied makeup professionally, the last thing that I want to do is gift someone with cheap kids makeup. That looks a bit crap on my part, right? So I wanted to review the Bev Ridge makeup bits I got so you can see if they would make good gifts this year!

First up are these three lip glosses. They don’t have names which is always a bummer but is usually to be expected from these type of pop-up brands. They come in handy squeezy tubes and are decorated in a retro floral print which isn’t to my taste but is cute all the same.

Bev Ridge & Friends Lip Gloss
The tube has an applicator nozzle which makes application quite easy, however it is really easy to pump out too much product so be weary!

Bev Ridge & Friends Lip Gloss 1

The first lip gloss I tried out was the lightest baby pink shade and I was instantly impressed with the colour. I don’t think I have any other similar milky-pink colour. It is really quite pretty and wearable, particularly with a dark eye.

Bev Ridge &Friends Lip Gloss 2

The next shade was the medium pink which is almost a my-lips-but-better one. Again, this is another really wearable every day type that anybody could get some use out of.

Bev Ridge & Friends Lip Gloss 3

The final shade is a red which has a sheer quality to it on the lips which I think makes it wearable for those too afraid to rock a bright red lipstick. Colours like this are perfect for first-timers and I still think it is really pretty.

First of all, I was really impressed with the pigmentation of the glosses. With brands like this before, I have experienced all glosses looking different in the packaging but all applying the same sheer colour on the lips. All of these shades are wearable too for a multitude of people so definitely make a great gift. The finish on all shades is a really wet-look one which I love. They make lips look super juicy, however, this is down to the formula which is VERY slick. It feels very wet and slightly oily so you would definitely not get much wear time out of these. You may be happy to know that there is no artificial scent to these things which could make them cross over into teen territory.

In all, I would not run out to repurchase any of these glosses for myself but I also wouldn’t be embarrassed to gift them to someone else. They are not novelty items and in fact, are quite pretty and wearable.

Despite the fact that I received them as part of a larger gift set, they are actually being sold on Littlewoods as a trio for €10 at the moment and are part of a three for two! Boots are also stocking a set containing a single lip gloss and a hip flask that says ‘Take me drunk, I’m home’ on it for €13 and is also part of their three for two. And if you are still iffy about gifting people unbranded cosmetics, they have a range of retro phone covers, wash bags and key rings available too.

What do you think? Have you heard of or tried the brand? What do you think of these brands that seem to only surface at Christmas? Would you gift them? Do you think too many brands are going for the same aesthetic?


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