Marie Reynolds London Treatment Candles

Marie Reynolds London Treatment Candles

I had seen these candles doing the rounds on blogs and my interest was piqued by the very concept of them. When I was approached and asked if I would be interested in reviewing them, I jumped at the chance. More than anything, I was intrigued and wanted to give them a go for myself.

Marie Reynolds is a celebrity facial and holistic therapist as well as a world renowned beauty trainer and an advanced skin care expert. With over twenty five years experience, she created her own line of treatment candles. Okay, why is a “skin care expert” creating candles? They are not just a fragranced candle, they are an innovative body oil or so they claim.

The idea is simple enough – you light the candle and once the wax melts, the fragrance is released. Once you blow out the candle, you wait a moment and then pour the oil on to your hands, massaging it into your skin.

Marie Reynolds London AromaWax Therapy Candle - Liv


I was lucky enough to be sent a full size 135g Luxury Candle in ‘Indulge’ which comes in a gorgeous presentation box (pictured above). This would make an excellent gift. ‘Indulge’ is one of their AromaWax Treatment candles which contain Moroccan Argan Oil to nourish skin as well as powerful aromatherapy synergies. It comes in a sturdy glass and the scent is obvious as soon as you pull it out of the box. ‘Indulge is a blend of ylang ylang, neroli and bergamot. The scent is stronger than I expected and qutie fresh and citrus-floral. While not the type of scent I would usually opt for, I still love it although I definitely think it is one that would work better for the summer.
Marie Reynolds London AromaWax Treatment Candle - Liv

I couldn’t choose between ‘Liv’ and ‘Indulge’ after reading the ingredients lists and I was so grateful to receive a 30g travel tin of ‘Liv’ so I could give that one a go too. From the moment I opened this, it was love. The scent makes you feel like you are being wrapped in a soft warm blanket. ‘Indulge’ is one their bestselling scents, combining soft citrus, bergamot, fragrant amber, tonka seed, fleur d’oranger, vanilla, sandalwood and sweet musk. It is warm and inviting. The vanilla and tonka are definitely quite apparent but not in an overly sweet way. If this were a perfume, I would douse myself in it. It is very much a winter scent. This is one of their Candle de Parfum Treatment Candles which contains shea butter to moisturise and therapeutic fragrances.

To be honest, I didn’t notice a huge difference between the AromaWax Treatment Candle and the Candle de Parfum Treatment Candle. In fact, I didn’t know there was a difference between the two candles until I sat down to write this review.

They are so pretty to look at that I really didn’t want to light them but I took the plunge one evening before getting in the shower. I find that having a shower gives plenty of time for the wax to melt a little. After blowing out the candle, I was terrified of pouring it on to my skin, absolutely positive that I was going to burn myself. While the wax felt really warm, it was not at all uncomfortable – in fact, it was quite pleasant. I poured it into the palms of my hands, rubbed them together and then massaged it into my body. I found the oil seemed to thicken slightly when I rubbed it and so it felt really luxurious on my skin. Despite that, it didn’t take ages to sink in and my favourite part was how the fragrance stuck around overnight and into the next day. My skin felt so supple and smooth after use. This product just absolutely screams luxury.

Rather than burn the candles frequently, I am saving them for days when I feel like I need a treat. The full size Luxury Candle seemingly burns for 30 to 35 hours, however, so I still have lots of use to come from that. After using the Travel Tin once, I can safely say I have at least one, if not two more uses. I am obsessed, recommending these to everyone (although Boyfriend has already had a few goes of ‘Indulge’) and can definitely see myself treating myself to a full size ‘Liv’ in the future. The Luxury Candles will set you back between €36.95 and €38.95 which at first seems expensive but when you consider how people spend €25 on a Yankee Candle (with no skin care benefits), this is well worth it. If you don’t want to splash out, ‘Liv’ and ‘Serenity’ – a blend of sandalwood, lavender and geranium – are available in Travel Tins for €7.95. If you find the concept of splashing out on yourself difficult, I’ll reiterate that I think these would make great Christmas gifts! They are all available on the Beauty Emporium website.

 What do you think? Have you ever heard of a treatment candle before? Would you be interested in trying them out?


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