Irish Rain Nourishing Restorative Body Oil

Irish Rain Nourishing Restorative Body Oil

The final product I received from new Irish natural skin care brand, Irish Rain was this Nourishing Restorative Body Oil. Again, this is in a weighty glass bottle which makes it feel expensive and lush. I was pleasantly surprised by the spray top which is always a welcome addition to any product. As this is an oil, it does not spray out in a mist but rather in a jet so I would advise spraying it on to your hand to prevent any accidents or stained carpets/walls.

This also has a very natural scent which comes from the ingredients;

Geranium: to stimulate circulation and improve lymphatic drainage
Frankincense: to rejuvenate mature skin by enhancing collagen formation, to smooth wrinkles and to balance oily skin
Patchouli: to stimulate the growth of new cells, to accelerate healing and to prevent scar tissue
Sandalwood: to calm and soothe body and mind

I find it more of a herbal scent than the natural sweet, floral scents of the other products I have tried. It is not unpleasant but I wouldn’t be using this product for fragrance alone.

This contains organic argan and avocado oils alongside active essential oils which claim to dramatically boost moisture as well as increase collagen and elastin production. After use my skin is left so silky soft and supple, an effect which lasts over night. I do tend to get a few dry patches on my upper body like my arms during the colder months but I haven’t had a single one yet and it must be down to this product!

I was worried about using an oil on my body in case it took ages to dry and then ruined my clothes (or pyjamas as would usually be the case as I shower in the evening). I was actually amazed by how fast this sank in, especially considering how thick and oily it felt as I applied it. It absorbed almost immediately and I could get dressed straight away with no sticky feeling.

I haven’t been using it religiously enough to see if it has had any long term effects but the immediate ones make it well worth the purchase. My skin is so soft and the moisture does not dissipate after an hour or two as can happen with other body creams I have used. While the price for 100ml of €29.99 may seem steep out of context, think of how much other high end brands are charging for their body creams – some could go triple that price! – and I doubt they would be packed with all natural ingredients like Irish Rain are.

In all I have been so impressed with all of the Irish Rain products I have tried and cannot recommend the brand enough for some luxurious, natural products. You can check out my review of their Regenerative Cellular Repair Cream here and Revitalising Facial Oil here.

Also in the range are; a Clarifying Facial Treatment (€19.99), a Dual Action Rejuvenating Repair Cream (€24.99), a Super Regenerative Serum (€39.99), an Essential Deep Cleansing Oil (€19.99) and an Aphrodite Body Oil (€19.99). All are available on the Irish Rain website here.

I can’t be the only person thinking that these would make amazing Christmas gifts! And it’s November now so I’m allowed use that word.

What do you think? Does this sound like your kind of thing? Have you tried anything from Irish Rain yet? Do you use a body oil?


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