Freeze 24-7 IceCrystals

Freeze 24-7 IceCrystals
You may remember a week or two ago, I reviewed the Freeze 24-7 Skin Glace which was both a cleanser and mask. Today’s review is a peek at another product from the new-to-me brand. I received this small sample sachet at the Wizard Publicity Event but I got three uses out of it so immediately I can tell you a little of this goes a long way.

Freeze 24-7 IceCrystals
It actually comes in a 70g squeezy tube which is always handy! IceCrystals is an anti-aging prep and polish, or in other words, a facial exfoliant. Now I love these types of things as I have an oily t-zone and suffer from blemishes so anything that can give me a good scrub and clean out my pores is great in my eyes. It claims to instantly resurface and retexture skin in a matter of minutes while in the long term (28 days of use), reduce age spots, scar intensity, surface roughness and sebum content. Now as I said, I only got three gos out of my sachet so I cannot attest to this and I didn’t use it three days in a row either!

I didn’t get a good photograph but the product itself is a white cream filled with tiny blue specks (it’s quite apparent in the above picture) and it has a fresh scent, not too dissimilar to cucumber. The directions are simple; massage on to damp skin and rinse off. The little exfoliators are really, really  miniscule (they are “uniformly calibrated diamond-shaped crystals” that are “encapsulated in Jojoba”) and it feels somewhat like you are rubbing sand into your face, as opposed to products with bigger exfoliating beads. It is comfortable and does not feel overly abrasive but still feels like you’re getting the job done.

Afterwards my skin was not aggravated or red. Instead it had a fresh menthol, clean feeling and felt really soft and silky to the touch. This really is a gorgeous exfoliator. As I said, I couldn’t use it enough to discover any long term benefits but their promises are backed up by clinical trials and I would hope with a price of €42 that the results are nothing short of miraculous. If the price was a little lower or I had a guarantee that I would see an improvement in my skin, I would definitely purchase a full size of this though as it really was a pleasure to use and one of my favourite facial scrubs I have tried in a long time.

Freeze 24-7 are available in Debenhams.

 What do you think? Have you tried anything from Freeze 24-7? Would you spend €42 on a facial polish?


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